UTLA Membership Card

mcardYour new permanent UTLA membership cards have been mailed out. If you did not receive one, please contact UTLA at (213) 487-5560 and ask for the Membership Department.

The card serves as your identification as a union member. All UTLA members receive a UTLA membership card as part of their union membership.

UTLA Member Benefits
Your membership opens the door to financial benefits such as special rates for auto and life insurance, car and home loans, and disability insurance. For details, check the membership brochure or call the UTLA Membership Department at (213) 487-5560 on how to access member discounts and special offers. You can also check the United Teacher newspaper for periodic discounts and specials offers from advertisers.

Other Affiliate Benefits
In addition to being a UTLA member, depending on your affiliation shown on the card, you can also access many benefits through our national affiliates NEA or AFT and their state-level affiliates CTA or CFT. (see below to register) Our affiliates give us strength and support on the state and national level and also offer their own slate of discounts on everything from insurance and home loans to car rentals and credit cards.

How To Find Additional Discounts From Our Affiliates
Discounts through the Access company has been discontinued. Instead, we are now offering discounts through our affiliate's benefits sites. To sign-up for these discounts, you need to register on your affiliates website below:

UTLA Membership Application:

Every member is responsible to notify UTLA in writing regarding any changes in your assignment that affects your dues. For example, moving from UTLA to AALA (Administrators Union) or from full time teacher to part time/substitute teacher.   Please note that there is a different amounts of dues that will be deducted depending on an individual’s status as a full time member, children's center staff, and part time/substitute teacher. Please check your pay check stub monthly to verify that your dues are being deducted correctly.