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2015 Leadership Conference Photo

A sea of RED represents our Chapter, Co- and Vice Chairs at our school sites at the 2015 Leadership Conference held in La Quinta, Calif. This year's theme: Organizing for Power.



Our leaders include strong chapter chairs at each school site, which is crucial to the success of our union. They are the official union rep on site and serve as a vital link between the school site and the union. Besides keeping members apprised of union activities and policies, chapter chairs also defend members' professional rights and resolve conflicts with administration. We appreciate the hard work done by all of our chapter chairs.


Do you know someone at your school site who loves politics who wants to make a direct impact and is ready to organize? 

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Chapter Political Coordinator


Need a UTLA email address?

If you are a chapter chair and need an email account, go to the 

UTLA Email Request Form

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Not receiving UTLA correspondence? Please notify us at if you are not receiving the faxes (to your school) and emails (to your email address) that we send out periodically, or if your contact email or school fax number has changed.


Area Meeting Calendar 2015-16

The new calendar area meeting year dates are:

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2016 Dates

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How to update your school roster
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How to get your
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answers to questionable situations
"Know Your Rights" series


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Teacher Toolkit

Teacher Evaluation

Implementing Teacher Evaluation Agreement

Need a Chapter Chair packet?
The CCP includes:

  • Request to review Personnel File form
  • Request for Notification form
  • Mandatory Conference form
  • Mandatory Conference w/ Non-LAUSD Participants 
  • Reassigned Teachers FAQs
  • Improper Conduct FAQs
  • Social Media Dos & Don'ts 
  • Child Abuse Reporting FAQs

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Other Useful Forms