Common Core Survey Results

Survey finds teachers underprepared for CCSS

2013 UTLA CCSS Survey Results Graphic
Above are the survey responses by question

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UTLA’s online survey on Common Core preparation finds the majority of teachers do not feel personally prepared to teach Common Core State Standards, but as they are given professional development, their confidence in being able to teach CCSS greatly increases.

4,462 UTLA members completed the survey during the three days it was available online. Only 1,000 of those 4,400 have received more than 3 days of professional development on Common Core.

The survey found that 95% of teachers want more planning time and more time to collaborate with colleagues on CCSS.

After 1 day of professional development, two-thirds of teachers found their colleagues useful in building their understanding of Common Core. After 6 days of professional development, that percentage jumped to 90%. 

The survey also found that after 6 days of professional development, teachers are much more prepared to serve English learners, students with disabilities, low-income students and at-risk students.

Teachers who participated in the survey think their schools have done more to prepare for Common Core, than the District or the State.

UTLA President Warren Fletcher will present the survey results to the School Board at its Tuesday meeting. The Superintendent is calling for $44 Million for 200 “out-of-classroom” positions to implement Common Core the first year. Fletcher said, “We believe the wiser course is to provide paid training days for all LAUSD teachers. Our survey results make it clear, professional development works at the school level.”

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