Contact Legislators

Contact your Los Angeles Delegation

If you are uncertain of your district, you can also use the political action tool set up by the CTA or NEA.

You can take action on "featured alerts", choose a specific issue, or contact specific federal or state lawmakers.

  1. Go to the "Take Action" website to compose and send an email to the governor
    and/or your elected representatives all with one click.
  2. Also, call and email your friends and family to call and email their state legislators also.

From time-to-time, UTLA will be adding special requests for action as items are discussed by our state and federal legislators.

Capitol office mailing address:

Capitol Office
P.O. Box 942849, Room ______
Sacramento, CA 92429-00 __(District #).

When sending correspondence, address State Assembly members as the Honorable first & last name, (i.e. The Honroable Das Williams).

Local District State Assembly Members

*Updated May 2014

MemberDistrictTelephone FaxPartySacra Rm.Email
Das Williams
Scott Wilk
Patty Lopez
(Rancho Cucamonga)
40916-319-2040916-319-2140 4144district 40 staff email
Chris R. Holden
Brian Nestande
(Palm Desert)
Mike Gatto
Jeff Gorell
Mathew Debabneh
(Van Nuys)
Adrin Nazarian**
(Van Nuys)

Cheryl R. Brown
Roger Hernandez
(West Covina)

Ed Chau
(Monterey Park) 
Ricahrd Bloom
(Santa Monica)
Jimmy Gomez
(Los Angeles) 
Freddie Rodriguez
John Pérez*
(Los Angeles)
Sebastian Ridley-Thomas
(Culver City)
Curt Hagman
(Chino Hills)
Cristina Garcia
Reginald Jones-Sawyer
Los Angeles)
Steve Bradford
Anthony Rendon, Ph.D
(South Gate)
Isadore Hall III (Rancho Dominguez)
Al Muratsuchi
Bonnie Lowenthal
(San Pedro)

*Speaker               ** Member – Education Committee

Local District State Senate Members

Capitol office mailing address:

State Capitol
Room ______
Sacramento, CA 95814-4900

When sending correspondence, address State Senate members as the Honorable first & last name, (i.e. The Honroable Carol Liu).

*Updated May 2014

MemberDistrictTelephoneFaxPartySacra Rm.Email
Kevin de Leó
Robert “Bob” Huff***
Staff30916-651-4030916-651-4130 5066district 30 staff email