UTLA's Vote on Deasy's Leadership

Who has Deasy’s ear? 

Is it the parents, teachers and health and human services professionals
who are in schools every day . . . or is it his billionaire businessmen mentors?

Time and again, Superintendent Deasy makes decisions that short-change students for the benefit of his private agenda. That agenda is in lock-step with the national “corporate reform” movement (over-reliance on high-stakes tests, linking pay to unreliable test score formulations, blaming teacher seniority for management failures).

That’s why so many corporate reform billionaires across the country contributed to the recent School Board campaigns.

When Deasy makes decisions that leave parents and educators out of the loop, it hurts our schools. Under Deasy’s leadership, LAUSD has:


  • Significantly reduced Title I and other categorical allocations to schools for 2012-13.The money was taken from school sites—where it could be used to provide resources and learning opportunities for students—and diverted to Deasy’s own priorities, like the test-score-driven Teaching and Learning Framework.

Deasy fact List

  • Ignored School Board directives that would have lowered counselor-student ratios, fully staffed health education classes, and brought more health and human services professionals into schools.
  • Continued to divert millions of dollars in cafeteria funds meant to provide meals to poor students to pay other school expenses, according to a 2013 report by the California Senate Office of Oversight and Outcomes. LAUSD now has to repay more than $150 million to meal programs.
  • Prioritized spending on “talent management” personnel, short-timers like a “social media director,” and PR-motivated efforts like a computer tablet for every student instead of restoring school positions and programs.

Vote on Deasy Leadership Sample Ballot

What do YOU think of Deasy’s performance?

Between April 2-10, UTLA will be conducting an all-member vote at school sites on Deasy’s leadership.
Be sure to vote and let your voice be heard.

Have your own examples of how Deasy’s decisions have hurt our schools?

Send them to webmaster@utla.net.

Update: Teacher Evaluation Ratification Agreement

To find out if your school site has cast valid ballots in the January 2013 Teacher Evaluation Ratification Agreement, click here. For questions, please contact UTLA Secretary David Lyell at 213.368.6244, or email at dlyell@utla.net

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