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UTLA member dues fund union activities throughout the year. All UTLA members, from first-year teachers to veteran educators, pay the same amount in dues. Those dues fund all of the work of the union and contribute to the strength of our state and national affiliates.

UTLA’s dues are the lowest among teachers’ unions in California. UTLA dues are determined by a flat percentage rate of the basic starting salary. The allocation rate cannot be raised unless approved by the membership. 

NOTE: Members who have funds deducted for optional coverage, such as life insurance, may see deductions of this nature folded into the "UTLA dues" deduction line.

Change in status

Every member is responsible to notify UTLA in writing regarding any changes in your assignment that affects your dues. For example, moving from UTLA to AALA (Administrators Union) or from full-time teacher to part-time/substitute teacher changes the amount of dues deducted from your check. Please note that there is a different amount of dues that will be deducted depending on an individual’s status as a full-time member, children's center staff and part time/substitute teacher. Please check your pay check stub monthly to verify that your dues are being deducted correctly.

Have a question about your dues deduction? Please contact the UTLA Memerbship department at webmaster@utla.net

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