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UTLA Endorsements--Runoff is May 19, 2015

District 3: Scott Schmerelson

District 5: Bennett Kayser

District 7: Richard Vladovic

At its meeting on March 25, 2015, UTLA's House of Representatives voted to endorse in District 3 and 7.  UTLA had already endorsed Bennett Kayser in District 5.


Other UTLA Endorsements:

Pasadena Mayoral General Municipal Election: Jacque Robinson
Election: April 21, 2015

March 3, 2015 Primary Election Results

Following are the results of the LAUSD Board of Education Primary Election. Candidates who received
less than 50% of the votes will be in a runoff in the May 19, 2015 General Municipal Elections.


District 1    George Mckenna III   100.00% 

District 3    Tamar Galatzan           39.34%
Scott Schmerelson    20.06%

District 5    Ref Rodriguez              38.63%
                    Bennett Kayser           35.84%

District 7    Richard Vladovic         42.90%
                    Lydia Gutierrez            37.75%


UTLA released the following statement regarding the March 3 election results:

UTLA Is Optimistic About School Board Race Outcomes

UTLA members have been volunteering on the campaigns of Tamar Galatzan’s opponents in the Los Angeles School Board race in District 3.  Now that she has been forced into a May runoff, our members will continue the work necessary to remove Galatzan from the School Board. She bought into John Deasy’s disastrous iPad program, and the former Superintendent contributed to her campaign.  It is time for Galatzan to follow in Deasy’s footsteps out the door at LAUSD.

UTLA is fully behind Los Angeles School Board Member Bennett Kayser, who now goes onto a May runoff.  The smear tactics used by the campaign of Ref Rodriguez, Kayser’s opponent, in the primary race were outrageous.  Educators know that Kayser is a champion for all students.  Just as they did in the primary, our members will volunteer their time to get Kayser the rest of the way—re-elected to the School Board in District 5, in the runoff. 

Kayser supports UTLA’s campaign for the Schools LA Students Deserve which includes smaller class sizes, full staffing, clean and safe schools, fair compensation for educators, improved student learning conditions, and improved working conditions.

We congratulate Dr. George McKenna, who was re-elected in the District 1 race for School Board.  McKenna is also a supporter of the campaign for the Schools LA Students Deserve, and his is an important voice on the School Board.