Racial Justice

We stand with our students and communities to fight racism and police violence! Teachers, students and parents UNITE!

Police violence and institutional racism are plagues in this country. Tamir Rice, 12 years old, was shot and killed by Cleveland police. The police have not been charged.

Right here in Los Angeles, Ezell Ford, a former Bethune Middle School Student, was shot and killed by an LAPD officer. He was a young black man with special needs.

They have also not been charged. The victims of police violence can be our students or the family members of our students.


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Making Black Lives Matter in School

On Thursday, September 29, over 800 high school students, educators, and leaders from Black Lives Matter met at Dorsey High School to discuss the state of education for black youth across Los Angeles. 

Topics included school policies and procedures, curriculum and instruction, and how to transform the school system to support black students.

The event was organized by UTLA, Schools LA Students Deserve, and Black Lives Matter and also featured an art exhibit.


Black Lives Matter in School

"We get treated like we are at the bottom. But we are the future," said Tyonna Hatchett, a senior at Dorsey High School. The audience erupted in applause. "We are the future doctors and lawyers - fight for us please!," she added. And from parent Angela James, "you are not our future, you are our now. Right now."


Black Lives Matter in School

Panel from left to right: Sindel Donaldson, senior, Dorsey HS, Tyonna Hatchett, senior, Dorsey HS, Savannah Hunt, 6th grade, GALA, Thandiwe Abdullah, 8th grade, LACES, Aeron Kukoyi, 8th grade, Ocean charter school, Angela James, parent and Black Lives Matter organizer.


Black Lives Matter in School