Human Rights Committee

Mission Statement

HRC members

The Human Rights Committee of United Teachers Los Angeles promotes social justice and the peaceful resolution of conflict for its members, other office staff, students, parents, the community, the nation, and the global community. It advocates that UTLA and its state and national affiliates work for public policies that reduce violence, promote diversity, increase awareness of basic human and civil rights, support the rights of all workers, protect the environment, oppose the privatization and militarization of schools and society, reduce the military budget, and increase funding for education and other social programs.

Education in Contemporary Japan/UTLA Leadership 2010


UTLA's Human Rights Committee meets once a month
Wednesdays at 4:30 pm (before UTLA’s House of Reps)
Meeting is in Room 425.
UTLA Building, 3303 Wilshire Blvd., LA, CA 90004

Human Rights Committee

Chairperson: Steve Seal.
Co-Chair: Arlene Inouye.
Secretary: Iris Erdinger.
Treasurer: Marc Rich.

Display your commitment

Be proud to wear a Human Rights Committee t-shirt with the message "A War Budget Leaves Every Child Behind" or "Peace and Justice: Weapons of Mass Instruction." (order form)

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