Other Labor Unions Actions and Events

Port Solidarity Caravan

UPDATE: A deal has been reached in time for the holidays! 

Please read the following statement from Labor Union Staff Director Glen Arnodo

"Sisters and Brothers:

By now everyone has heard the great news about the settlement of the strike at the ports of LA and Long Beach.  Congratulations to the strikers for hanging tough and fighting to keep good jobs from leaving LA. And thanks to the thousands of men and women of the ILWU and other unions who respected the picket lines of the clerks.  What a tremendous act of solidarity!
Thanks to all of you who responded that you were going to participate in Saturday's solidarity caravan from Dodger Stadium to the port.  I can't think of a better reason to cancel an event!
Thanks again.
In solidarity,
Glen Arnodo
Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO"

How you can support the Chicago Teachers Union

The Chicago Teachers Union greatly appreciates the many expressions of support and solidarity it has received. In response to requests, CTU has identified the following immediate ways to provide support.

·       Letters/Resolutions of support.   They should be sent to Karen Lewis, President Chicago Teachers Union Local 1. Attention: Audrey May. 222 Merchandise Mart, 4th Floor. Chicago, Il 60654.

·       Donations. Donations may be made via check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to: CTU Solidarity Fund and mailed to the address above. Credit card donations should be made using the format found on the CTU web site at www.ctunet.com