Members actions against the LA Times

In response to the LA Times inaccurate and irresponsible article about Teacher Effectiveness, and the continuing bias against the the teaching profession, UTLA is encouraging all our members to call the L.A Times, let them know how outrageous and biased their education coverage has been, and cancel their subscription with the L.A. Times.
To cancel, call L.A. Times customer service at (800) 252-9141.

Follow-Up with UTLA:
Once you have done this, follow up with UTLA so we can keep a number of cancellations. After you cancel, please call UTLA at (213) 487-5560 between 9am-5pm (Monday-Friday) and let us know you canceled your subscription.

Contact the L.A. Times Editor

Click here to submit a letter to the editor

Comment on the LA. Times article

Members should also feel free to comment directly on the article so others can see the viewpoint of LAUSD educators. The comments section is usually at the end of the article. You will probably have to register.

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