UTLA Membership Benefits

UTLA is the second largest teachers' union in the country. In addition to working together for better teaching and learning conditions, being a UTLA member means:

Protection of your workplace rights

UTLA offers a network of experienced professionals - from your chapter chair to staff representatives - to offer you guidance and support. The UTLA/LAUSD contract covers many hardwon rights secured for you by UTLA over the past three decades.

Educators Liability insurance

As a UTLA member you are entitled to the protection of occupational liability insurance plans made available by UTLA's national affiliates (NEA and AFT). Coverage includes (subject to applicable exclusions and limitations), payment for losses/liabilities incurred while in the course of employment, reimbursement of attorney’s fees and costs incurred in defense of a criminal proceeding in which the member is exonerated and reimbursement for certain school related property damage.

Free half-hour legal consultation

UTLA members are entitled to a free half hour of legal consultation on personal and professional matters through Trygstad, Schwab & Trygstad A Law corporation.


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The power to shape policy

UTLA is run by its members. All members vote for Chapter Chairs, House of Representative members, the Board of Directors, and the UTLA officers. Union policy is decided by you and your elected leadership.

Voting rights and the power to shape policy

UTLA policy at all levels is set by our members, either directly or through elected representatives. As a member you have a voice in how your union is run and how we approach all issues that affect your classroom, such as mandated curriculum, Small Learning Communities, student discipline, and much more.

Membership Card

Your UTLA membership card serves as your identification as a union member. All UTLA members receive a UTLA membership card as part of their union membership. See details

Top training opportunities

UTLA has our own training unit, the Helen Bernstein Professional Development Center, which offers workshops and opportunities for professional growth year-round. UTLA members are eligible for free professional development classes - many offering salary point credit - at union headquarters.

UTLA Membership Application:

Every member is responsible to notify UTLA in writing regarding any changes in your assignment that affects your dues. For example, moving from UTLA to AALA (Administrators Union) or from full time teacher to part time/substitute teacher.   Please note that there is a different amounts of dues that will be deducted depending on an individual’s status as a full time member, children's center staff, and part time/substitute teacher. Please check your pay check stub monthly to verify that your dues are being deducted correctly.

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