2015-17 Strategic Plan & Roadmap


2016 will be an epic year, as we take action on multiple fronts for the Schools LA Students Deserve. 2015 has shown us that when we work together, we have the power to win. Through our victories, we have shaped the search for the new LAUSD superintendent and have become a more powerful union for our educators.

Our plans for 2016 are ambitious because the challenges in front of us are big. Below is our roadmap to win, as part of our continued action on the 2015-17 Strategic Plan.


2015-17 Strategic Plan

Strategic Anchors:

  • Standing for Fairness: Improving all schools for all students – Corporate competition doesn’t work.
  • Fighting for Resources: Getting our students what they need – We must take on the billionaires.
  • Strengthening UTLA: Building a UTLA that can fight for our students and our profession.


Issue Areas We Must Engage Through Organizing with Members & Parents

1. Contract Bargaining in LAUSD and Charter Schools.

a. Class size, staffing, and educator development/support in LAUSD re-openers for 2015-16, including attention on special education, ELL services, and more.

b. Further pay increases and movement on class size/staffing in LAUSD re-openers for 2016-17.

c. Strong agreements in all UTLA-represented charter schools that are in bargaining.

d. Prepare for huge battle over LAUSD health benefits and full contract renewal in 2017.

2. Shaping LAUSD’s and UTLA-Represented Charters’ LCAPs (Local Control Accountability Plans)

a. Organize coalitions with educators, parents, and community to develop LCAPs in LAUSD and UTLA-represented charters for 2016 – 2019 that support the goals of Schools LA Students Deserve (SLASD).

3. Public School Accountability and Sustainability

a. Fight for basic accountability standards across all publicly-funded schools, such as equity and access for all students and management by the public not by corporations.

b. Fight for basic regulations that create an entire school system that works collaboratively, not competitively, to ensure that all students at all schools are served in a sustainable way.

4. Charter School Educator Organizing and Voice

a. Organize more educators who currently do not have a union into the union.

5. Highlighting and Building Successful School Models

a. Organize around curriculum, school climate, staffing including HHS, teaching not testing, adult and early education, and cultural relevance, including ethnic studies and VAPA, in a full-union-contract environment.

6. School Site Empowerment, Contract Enforcement, Member Rights, and Working Condition

a. Organize around Local School Leadership Councils, budgets, Prop 39 co-locations, class size, curriculum, bad principals, grievances, Breakfast in the Classroom, clean/safe schools, restorative justice, excessive testing, existing and new sections of contracts and more.

7. Electoral Politics, Legislation, and Broader Social Issues

a. Organize for a state revenue initiative or legislation through the Make It Fair coalition.

b. Organize for LAUSD Board, state legislature, and charter managements to support SLASD.

c. Strengthen PACE, political program, and approach to social issues that affect our students.

8. Building a Stronger UTLA

a. Restructure the UTLA dues and legal programs to prepare us to fight.

b. Organize agency fee-payers to become members of UTLA in the context of Friedrichs case.


2016 Roadmap Outline

Build a Stronger UTLA
  • Generate the resources needed for our strategic plan through the Build the Future, Fund the Fight campaign (BFFF).
  • January 19-20 – Vote YES! To reinvest in our union. Look for your ballot in the mail!
  • February 10 – BFFF vote count.


Investment in Students & Sustainable Neighborhood Community Schools

Through all possible avenues (contract negotiations, state budget process, ballot initiatives, and District budget and LCAP process), organize for investment in Sustainable Neighborhood Community Schools and what our students need, including lower class sizes and full staffing.

  • February 9 – Board of Education meets; we initiate bargaining demands.
  • February through May –Member/parent/student delegations to School Board members on District budget and LCAP priorities.


Fight Privatization and the Billionaire Agenda
Continue to build a large coalition to fight the Broad-Walmart plan and stand up for public school accountability.
  • January 12 – Action to support anti-privatization resolution at the Board of Education.
  • January – Continue “Stand Up for Our School” email campaign.
  • All 2016 – Organize at other levels of government against Broad-Walmart and for public school accountability.


Protect Health Benefits

Organize against the push by LAUSD as well as charter employers to dramatically cut employee health care.

  • All 2016 – Continue organizing membership and building broad labor coalition.


Educator Development & Support

Get member input and bargain for a proactive vision of educator development and support and move away from “gotcha” evaluations.  

  • February to March – Hold member forums.
  • January to June – Prepare for bargaining of contract reopeners around this issue.


National Movement to Reclaim Our Schools

Join more than 30 cities nationwide in an unprecedented, coordinated move to push back on the billionaire agenda and call for investment in public education. 

  • February 17 – National “Walk-Ins” with parents, community, students, and other employees at the beginning of the school day.
  • March (Date TBA) – National week of action, building on February 17.


Take on Standardized Testing

Challenge the overuse and abuse of standardized testing and its impact on students and instructional time.  

  • January to February – Meet with District to gather information; develop our demands.
  • February 11 – Screening of the film “Defies Measurement” at UTLA. 


Charter Educator Representation & Organizing

Fight for representation and union rights for educators.

  • All 2016 – Continue to support Alliance charter educators’ efforts to unionize; organize for enforcement of LA Superior Court’s injunction against Alliance management to stop its illegal, anti-union activities.
  • All 2016 – At UTLA-represented charters, continue representation and bargaining new and ongoing contracts to ensure fair employee benefits and salaries and quality working and learning conditions.


Organize for School & Social Service Funding

Push for greater funding for schools and social services and direct monies to students and the classroom.

  • All 2016 – Prepare for ballot measure in November to extend Proposition 30.
  • All 2016 – Explore additional means to raise revenue.