May Day #Resist March 2017

UTLA members joined the"May Day Resist" massive march and demonstration of unionized workers who gathered in MacArthur Park to head toward downtown Los Angeles. More than 100 organizations marched down in a display of unity of sustained resistance to the ongoing assault on labor and immigrant rights and our fight against the Trump/DeVos privatization agenda.

President's Perspective
Three Walks to Victory

I am asking you to pause your reading of the UNITED TEACHER for five minutes right now and sign up for three precinct-walking shifts in the School Board election campaign. Quite simply, if we all walk three shifts, we will win on May 16. Protecting our health benefits and winning a contract for the Schools LA Students Deserve depends on us electing Steve Zimmer and Imelda Padilla to the LAUSD School Board.

Charter News
Why the State Audit of L.A.’s Largest Charter School Chain Matters

A state audit gave Alliance College-Ready Public Schools a mixed review last week, following an 11-month examination of spending and privacy issues related to Alliance’s two-year battle against teachers organizing a union at the charter network’s 28 schools.

Charter News
California’s Failing Grade in Charter School Facilities Financing

A new study of public charter school funding has found that California’s explosive charter growth of the past 15 years has left school districts straining under a glut of new charter classrooms that are no better at educating California children than traditional public schools. Released Monday by the research and public advocacy group In the Public Interest (ITPI), Spending Blind reveals the extent to which tax dollars have been used to create privately held real estate empires — charter properties that, because they aren’t owned by the public, could, theoretically, one day be converted into luxury condominiums or shopping complexes.

Current actions for the Schools LA Students Deserve contract campaign

These are critical months for our collective union work, as we head toward the June expiration of our contract. Every action is an integral part of building an aggressive contract campaign to increase salaries, protect health benefits, build community schools, and improve working/learning conditions. All of our actions are interconnected, and we must all get involved!