Healthcare bargaining: LAUSD feels our power, successful progress being made

Carver MS Member #Picket4Power
Above, members support public schools during the #Picket4Power action, Oct. 11, 2017.

On Thursday, Oct. 26, the district made significant movement on their initial proposal intended to gut our healthcare, and they are now willing to fund our healthcare at current levels for the next three years through 2020.


This is a result of our growing solidarity with our labor partners, our school site organizing, our Sept. 26 #BigRedT and Oct. 11 #Picket4Power protests, and the fact that the district knows that we are willing to strike to achieve the priorities of the Schools LA Students Deserve campaign, which include protecting our healthcare and much more.

Problem with District Proposal

There are problems with the district’s proposal — the district's counter proposal would freeze their annual contributions to the healthcare fund at the 2017 level — with all future cost increases coming from healthcare reserves, which is unsustainable and further opens up a pathway for future healthcare cuts.

However, we see this as real progress and we have to keep the pressure up. We have the momentum but this is one battle of many for healthcare and the schools LA Students Deserve.
We need a sustainable school system that attracts students, retains educators, pushes back on privatization, and has the 20 by 20 funding that we need. Our students, our healthcare and our jobs depend on it.

Regional Rallies: Save Our Schools

We have another healthcare bargaining session on Thursday, November 16, the day of our #SaveOurSchools six regional rallies
Those rallies will be critical to driving home a healthcare agreement and continuing to make progress on our other key demands — like smaller class size, salary increases and additional supports for students and educators.

Let’s save public education, let’s push the healthcare bargaining even further, let’s continue building the Schoold LA Students Deserve campaign.