Feb. 14, 2012: "Stop the Insanity" Rally

Below is some of the media coverage of the "Stop the Insanity" rally on Tuesday, February 14. Additional coverage will be added as it is acquired.


Los Angeles Times
"L.A. school board delays vote on massive budget cuts" by Stephen Ceasar (2/15/12)

Protestors decry proposed cuts to L.A. school programs” by Stephen Ceasar (2/14/12)

"LAUSD board averts a budget massacre" by Barbara Jones (2/15/12)

LAUSD board may postpone vote on cutting adult, art, early ed programs” by Barbara Jones (2/14/12)

Daily News Photo gallery

Los Angeles Wave
LAUSD school board delays decision on massive budget cuts”(2/14/12)

La Opinion

Associated Press
LAUSD postpones decision on cutting adult education” (2/14/12)

Sing Tao (Chinese newspaper)

LA Weekly
LAUSD might eliminate adult ed today” by Tessa Stuart (2/14/12)

Matt Sorum of Guns 'n' Roses Stands Up for Arts Education, Woos LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy Into Postponing Budget Cuts

Video: Matt Sorum at LAUSD Board of Education Meeting


KCBS Channel 2 News
"LAUSD gets temporary reprieve from massive budget cuts" (2/14/12)

KNBC Channel 4 News
"Protesters gather outside of LAUSD Board of Education meeting"(2/14/12)

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.

KTLA Channel 5 News
"Parents, Teachers Protest LAUSD Budget Cuts" by Sarah Welch (2/14/12)

KABC Channel 7 News
"LAUSD board votes to postpone budget budget decision" by Robert Holguin & Melissa McBride (2/14/12)

KCAL Channel 9 News

KTTV Channel 11 News

KWHY Channel 22 News (Spanish Language)

KCRA Channel 62 (Spanish Language)

City TV (Channel 35)

Telemundo Channel 52 (Spanish Language)

Annenberg TV News (USC)
"LAUSD school board delays massive budget cuts" (2/14/12)

Local News Service (news feed to multiple TV stations)


KNX News Radio 1070

KPCC Radio 89.3 – Patt Morrison Show

KPCC Radio
"LAUSD board postpones vote on $557 million cut to adult ed, preschool as hundreds protest"- Adolfo Guzman Lopez (2/14/12)

LAUSD school board to vote on proposed budget plan with no funding for adult or early education” (2/14/12)

Metro Radio Networks

KPFK Radio 90.7 fm

KABC Radio 790 am


Arts, adult and early childhood ed get temporary reprieve from execution in LAUSD budget” (2/14/12)

Education Week
"Dark clouds loom for LAUSD's after school programs" by Nora Fleming (2/14/12)