May 3, 2012: Press Conference by UTLA South Area in support of Miramonte teachers


KCBS Channel 2 News
"Miramonte Elementary teachers to speak out for first time since scandal broke” (5/3/12)

KNBC Channel 4 News
Reassigned Miramonte teachers to break silence” by Jason Kandel (5/3/12)

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KTLA Channel 5 News
"Miramonte teachers rally after being relocated" (5/3/12) (video)

Teachers relocated after Miramonte scandal plan rally” (5/3/12)

KABC Channel 7 News
"Miramonte teachers march, want jobs back" by Robert Holguin (5/3/12)

KCAL Channel 9 News
Fox Channel 11 News
Channel 22 News (Spanish language)
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Los Angeles Times
Miramonte teachers removed from school to break silence”by Howard Blume (5/3/12)

La Opinion
"Maestros de Miramonte le reclaman al LAUSD" by Esmeralda Fabián (5/3/12)

Associated Press
"Miramonte teachers protest removal after sex abuse scandal" by Christina Hoag (5/3/12)



KPCC 89.3
"Miramonte elementary teachers tell their story after nearly 3 months of silence" by Tami Abdollah (5/3/12)

"Miramonte teachers march to demand return to classroom"- Tami Abdollah (5/3/12)

Miramonte LAUSD teacher calls treatment unfair” (5/3/12)

"Miramonte teacher removed from classroom also gets preliminary pink slip" by Tami Abdollah (5/3/12)

Miramonte teachers to speak out after months of silence” by Tami Abdollah (5/2/12)

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