UTLA Retired

United Teachers Los Angeles - Retired serves as the representative body for those certificated employees of LAUSD who have retired. They:

- work through UTLA to improve the welfare of public education and retired teachers
- secure for retired teachers their deserved status among America's professionals
- provide a vehicle for unified action in concert with other organizations to represent and monitor concerns of retired teachers.


2013 Dependent Student Verification for Retirees (March 2013)

2011-2012 Retirement Dates: Letter from LAUSD Chief Human Resources Officer

Pre-Retirement Conference (Oct 19, 2013)

Investment Workshop (April 23, 2013)

FAQ: CalSTRS Medicare Premium Payment Program Ends June 30, 2012

UTLA-R Membership Benefits

Membership in UTLA-R brings you continuation of the United Teacher newspaper, continued benefits from your UTLA Membership Card, representation in the UTLA Board of Directors and the UTLA House of Representatives, participation in UTLA-R elections and activities, political representation in Sacramento, and additional benefits. View our brochure here.

UTLA-R Membership Application

UTLA membership does not automatically continue into retirement. If you have not already done so, you should join UTLA-Retired at the very nominal investment of $2.00/month deducted from your STRS pension. Phone UTLA Member Services at 1-800-556-8852.


If you do not already receive UTLA-R News updates, please send an email message to: mel@utla.net. On the "Subject" line, write: Subscribe UTLA-R News. Be sure to enter your name in the text portion of your message. And be sure to look for the Retirees' Corner column in the United Teacher.

Contact UTLA-R

Your officers and other Steering Committee members are unpaid and elected by the membership to represent you. Their job is to act on your concerns, on the will of the membership. They are dedicated to improving retiree health benefits, protecting and improving state benefits, and promoting the welfare of UTLA retirees. Please clip and save the following information so that you can contact your leadership. They are waiting to hear from you. Print and save this important information.

UTLA-R Events

The UTLA-R Steering Committee meets the same day as the UTLA House of Representatives at 1:30pm in Room 816. The UTLA-R General Assembly meets four Friday mornings each year in the second floor auditorium of the UTLA Building.