What is Peer Assistance and Review?

What is Peer Assistance and Review (PAR)

Since Sacramento created the law that established Peer Assistance and Review in 2000, LAUSD’s PAR program has served over 10,000 teachers.  PAR is described in Article X-A of the contract, but this article provides a quick overview of the program.

PAR Provides Two Types of Support

All teachers and HHS professionals can take PAR PD workshops that are schedules frequently throughout the year.  These *free six-hour sessions cover topics ranging from developing classroom presence to writing effective instructional outcomes, and can be applied toward a salary point.

PAR also provides *no-cost intensive support for individuals who receive a below-standard evaluation.  In such cases, a Consulting Teacher (or CT) is assigned by the PAR Panel to work with the person. CTs are trained to help educators examine and refine their own practice, and their work is entirely non-evaluative. In fact, CTs are required to maintain confidentiality with regards to the site administrator – the only place they provide a report about a teacher’s practice is to the PAR Panel.

PAR Is Overseen by a Panel of Teachers and Administrators

The PAR Panel is composed of UTLA members appointed by UTLA, and AALA members appointed by the District.  Members of the PAR Panel hear the reports of CTs, and make determinations about whether each participating teacher has met his or her established goals. The Panel also selects the applicants who will serve as CTs, as well as the program Coordinator.

The PAR Panel is Always Looking for a Few Good Consulting Teachers

The PAR Panel opens the application process to become a Consulting Teacher whenever the need arises. The Panel works diligently to select CTs with extensive pedagogical resources and a demonstrated ability to work with other teachers. 

If this sounds like you, the PAR Panel wants you to apply! Teachers who are currently employed by LAUSD can apply to be a full-time, non-classroom CT; recent LAUSD retirees can apply to be a CT part-time. 

Applications are posted at http://talentmanagement.lausd.net/teacher_administrator/employment-0

* Charter schools are charged a fee for these services.