UTLA School Reforms and Innovations

United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) is on the forefront of innovation and reform.

The following are cutting edge reform programs in which UTLA is actively involved:

UTLA supports local reform. The union’s goal is to achieve autonomy for local schools, including more educational and financial decision making by teachers and other stakeholders at local school sites.

UTLA supports the creation of individualized plans specific to the unique needs of each school. UTLA supports our members in their decisions on the type of reform they feel will work best for their school.


Public School Choice Information
PSC 4.0 | PSC 3.0 | PSC 2.0 | PSC 1.0

November 2011 MOU (Local School Stabilization and Empowerment Initiative)
-includes significant amendments to the Public School Choice program

BrochureBrochures (School Change: Where Innovation Begins)
- English version
- Armenian version
- Korean version
- Spanish version