The Stull Process and You

By Elsie Myers
Area Representative

- STULL HANDBOOK (includes disclaimer form, Q&A for setting objectives, and sample initial planning sheet)

This is the time of the year when many teachers receive Stull evaluations from their administrators. It is in your best interest to be aware of your rights under the contract before you go in for your final evaluation conference.

Who receives Stull evaluations and how often?
Probationary and permanent teachers receive Stull evaluations. Limited-term personnel such as provisional contract (emergency credentialed), substitutes of more than 20 days, or a probationary, conditional, or temporary contract employee assigned on March 1 or thereafter, and nontenured adult education teachers are evaluated on the District’s Form 1022. This article covers only Stull evaluations. In the past, permanent employees were evaluated at least once every other year, but new legislation allows for teachers with 10 years in a district to be evaluated every three, four, or five years if they have received a “meets or exceeds standards” evaluation. This longer evaluation period requires the consent of both the evaluator and the employee. Probationary or qualifying employees are evaluated at least once each academic year.

Is the administrator required to have a conference with me?
If you are being evaluated this year, your administrator should have worked with you early in the school year to establish your objectives for the year. During the year, your administrator should have been observing your teaching and conferring with you. If problems are identified, within four working days of the conference you should have been given a copy of written records relating to observations, advisory conferences, and assistance offered or given. These are warnings that you must improve your performance.

Should I answer written -warnings?
Yes. Answer conference summaries. Be brief and to the point. Show how you are meeting the objectives and how you are following your administrator’s guidance. If the guidance is not specific or clear, ask for clarification or specific strategies.

When should the administrator issue the final evaluation -report?
Your administrator must issue your final evaluation report not less than 30 calendar days before the last regularly scheduled school day of your scheduled work year. If you are issued a “below standard” evaluation, your administrator shall specifically describe in writing the area of “below standard” performance with recommendations for improvement and the assistance given and to be given.

Should I take my UTLA -representative to the final -evaluation -conference?
If your administrator intends to issue a “below standard” evaluation, you should be informed of that intent and given the opportunity to be accompanied by your chapter chair or by any other person so long as that person is not a representative of another employee organization.

Should I sign a Stull evaluation when I don’t agree?
Your signature is required and does not mean you agree. You may attach a written response within ten working days from date received and you may also appeal the matter to the local district superintendent.

When should I receive my copy?
You will be given a copy of the final evaluation at the conference.

I don’t agree with my evaluation. Can I file a grievance?
You have the right to grieve within 15 working days if you receive a “below standard” evaluation or if your evaluation is “meets standards” but there is a significant disparity between the rating and the negative comments on the form. One caveat: You should have documentation to counter the assertions in the evaluation.

I don’t agree with my evaluation and I’m filing a grievance. Should I attach a response within ten days?
If you are filing a grievance, don’t attach a response. Talk to your area representative first.

Where can I find more information?
This is a summary of the contract language plus some tips on how to protect yourself. For complete information regarding the Stull process, see Article X, Sections 1.0-6.3 and 10.0e of the contract. You can also ask your chapter chair for information. Chapter chairs can call their area representative at UTLA at (213) 487-5560.