No Confidence and Initiative Results

LAUSD is headed in wrong direction, members say

By an overwhelming margin, UTLA members have made it clear that the direction of LAUSD is not aligned with the priorities of educators and the needs of the classroom.

This month, UTLA members cast ballots on two key issues facing our schools: the best path forward for improving our schools and whether teachers and health and human services professionals have confidence in the leadership of Superintendent John Deasy. Votes were counted at UTLA headquarters today.

“There is clear consensus among teachers that LAUSD is not headed in the right direction,” UTLA President Warren Fletcher says. “When evaluating the performance of an educational leader, no one can ignore data like this. It is our duty to bring these results to the School Board and figure out how we can make LAUSD a district that works for students, parents, teachers and health and human services professionals, and our communities.”

As part of the vision for positive school change contained in the Initiative for L.A. Schools on the ballot, UTLA is calling on the School Board to adopt, before the end of the school year, a multiyear plan to lower class sizes to pre-recession levels and restore programs and services.

“We must keep the promise of Prop. 30 and use that money directly for students,” Fletcher says. “Our students have been harmed by the reduced educational opportunities from the budget crisis. Now is the time to start righting that wrong. More than 1,000 of our RIF’d colleagues are still waiting on the rehire list. Our fight to lower class size is a fight to bring them back for the benefit of our students.”

YES              1,647        9%
NO    16,04091%
YES            13,242      77%
NO               3,905      23%

Update: Vote Results

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