Organizational Structure

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About US

UTLA policy at all levels is set by members either directly or through elected representatives.


Chapter Chairs

Every year each school site elects a Chapter Chair, who is the link between UTLA and you. Your Chapter Chair undergoes specialized training to better protect your professional rights and organize your school.



UTLA has seven citywide officers on full-time leave from the classroom, who handle day to day UTLA business.


House of Representatives

Our 250 member UTLA House of Representatives, elected from the eight UTLA areas by members, meets eight times a year to debate policy and vote on motions that determine UTLA's direction.


Board of Directors

The 50 members of the Board of Directors work with UTLA staff to carry out the mandates of the House of Representatives. In addition to representing the UTLA Areas, eight Directors are elected to represent the following areas:

  • Adult & Occupational

  • Education Health & Human Services

  • Substitutes

  • Bilingual Education

  • Special Education

  • Year-Round Schools

  • Early Childhood Education Centers

  • Retired Members



UTLA is divided into eight geographic areas:

Each area has an elected Area Chair and one or more Area Representative staff members.



UTLA has Standing Committees that help formulate UTLA policy and contract proposals, hold educational conferences and field trips, and sponsor scholarship awards. Committees reflect a wide range of interests and specialties, from physical education to National Board certification to school safety. Membership in committees is open to all union members.


UTLA Departments & Professional Staff

UTLA employees continuously meet ongoing member needs.

  • Communicatons

  • Research

  • Parent and Community Organizing

  • Area (field) Representatives

  • Political Organizing

  • Financial Services

  • Member Services

  • Special Education

  • Adult Education

  • Early Education

  • Charter Organizing

  • Health & Human Services

  • Member Comp & Benefits Specialist

  • Support Services Staff (secretaries)

  • Print Shop

  • Information Technology