Juan Ramirez

UTLA/AFT Vice President

Juan Ramirez has 24 years teaching experience in kindergarten and grades second through fourth. He also taught adult education at the Wilson Lincoln Adult School for nine years. 

His UTLA activism includes serving as:

  • Chapter chair at Fishburn Elementary
  • Bilingual Education Committee chair and co-chair
  • South Area Steering Committee member
  • UTLA House of Representatives member
  • NEA Representative Assembly delegate
  • CTA State Council delegate
  • South Area director
  • CFT EC/TK-12 Committee Vice President, which advocates for educators and students at the state level.
  • UTLA Elementary Vice President (2011 to 2017)
  • UTLA/AFT Vice President and AFT 1021 President (2017 – Present)

As Elementary Vice President, he worked with teachers, parents, and community members to counter Parent Revolution as well as standing up for teachers harassed by administrators and the District. As part of his commitment to working with the community, he also hosted a Spanish radio show written for a Spanish language newspaper.

As UTLA/AFT Vice President, he serves as one of the UTLA Political Officers.

He also represent UTLA as Vice President for the Los Angeles Federation of Labor and the State Federation of Labor.  He represents UTLA at the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and is always looking for new activists to represent and attend CFT and AFT trainings and conferences on behalf of UTLA.  He believes it is always important to promote and support new leaders for UTLA.

Juan Ramirez