Platinum Apple Awards

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2020 Platinum Apple Awards Dinner

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The most qualified people to judge top-notch educators are their colleagues. That’s the concept behind the UTLA Platinum Apple awards presented each year – given by our own, for our own – recognizing professional achievement.

Educators nominate their colleagues for achievements such as developing an innovative curriculum, or an outstanding educational program, or for exhibiting exemplary instructional techniques.

Nomination Form 2020
Nomination Criteria Sheet 2020
Nomination Cover Sheet 2020

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call 213.487.5560.


Previous Platinum Apple Awards

The 10 award winners include:

Zasha Endres
El Camino Real
Charter High School

Monica Esparza
Harmony Elementary
Violet Mardirosian
San Fernando High School

Juliet Goldstein
Los Angeles Elementary
Tritia Santos
Birdielee Bright Elementary
Della Illingworth
Second Street Elementary
Marylee Pena
Lawrence Middle School
Victoria Jacobson
Broadway Elementary
Rebecca Espiloy Baroma
Widney Career Prepartory & Transition Center
Claudia Paredes-Sanchez
Murchison Street Elementary


Unknown, unsung, teachers do the noblest work on earth. They cultivate the tiny seeds of genius that they may blossom forth in all their glory.  They light candles of greatness to dissolve the darkness of ignorance and fear. They are quiet workers building the foundations of tomorrow.

A teacher with this spirit is our greatest servant. They don’t merely fill minds, they free minds. They do more than teach facts, they inspire growth. They do more than teach boys and girls how to make a living, they teach them to live great lives. They don’t teach them what to think, they teach them how to think. They help them to know the world and to live in it as world citizens. 

Such a teacher strives to pass on to their pupils the love of learning. They share with them their knowledge of books and beauty. They strive to cultivate wonder and awareness. They help them to discover themselves and their infinite possibilities. They help them to help themselves. They believe in children!