UTLA Standing Committees

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UTLA has 26 Standing Committees that help formulate UTLA policy and contract proposals, hold educational conferences and field trips and sponsor scholarship awards. Committees reflect a wide range of interests and specialties, from physical education to National Board certification to school safety.

Membership in committees is open to all UTLA members. The best way to get involved is to attend one of the committee's regular meetings.



Due to the coronavirus emergency, elections for Standing Committee Chairs will be held later. Current Committee Chairs will continue until we have a face to face meeting when an election can take place. Please disregard the instructions for committee chair elections.  However during this time,  UTLA will provide virtual zoom meeting rooms for any committee that wants to meet.  Contact Arlene Inouye ainouye@utla.net for more information. 

Also no Standing Committee documentation will be required until after the Standing Committees resume face to face meetings.



(as of April 8, 2019)








  • Early Childhood Education
    Chair details
    Chair:Holly Mota
    Email: TBD
    Location:28th Street ES








  • Library Professionals
    Chair details
    Chair:Gabriela Gualano