UTLA Standing Committees

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UTLA has 25 Standing Committees that help formulate UTLA policy and contract proposals, hold educational conferences and field trips and sponsor scholarship awards. Committees reflect a wide range of interests and specialties, from physical education to National Board certification to school safety.

Membership in committees is open to all UTLA members. The best way to get involved is to attend one of the committee's regular meetings.



(as of July 3, 2018)

  • Adult Ed
    Chair: Matthew Kogan
    Email: mkogan@utla.net
    Location: Evans CAC
  • African-America Education
    Frances Copeland
    Email: drdean25@aol.com
    Location: Gompers MS
  • Asian-Pacific Education
    Co-Chair: Anthony Lopez
    Email: thespatula@gmail.com
    Location: Roosevelt HS
  • Autonomous Schools
    Co-Chair: Jeff Herrold
    Email: jherrold@pobox.com
    Location: Polytechnic HS
  • Bilingual Education
    Chair: Tomas Flores
    Email: tfpmax@aol.com
    Hoover Street ES
  • Capably Disabled Teachers Committee
    Janis Lukstein
    Email: calkeypals@aol.com
    Substitute Teacher South 1 Calling Area Chapter Chair
  • Early Childhood Education
    Chair: Teri Harnik
    Email: tharnik@aol.com
    Location: Cleveland EEC
  • Elementary Committee
    Chair: Ingrid Gunnell
    Email: igunnell@hotmail.com
    Beaudry Building
  • Health & Human Services
    Chair: Norlon Davis
    Email: ndavis@utla.net
    Location: PSA Counselors
  • Health & Human Rights
    Chair: David Feldman
    Email: radiohead261@aol.com
    Location: Santee HS
  • K-12 Career Tech Education
    Chair: Leticia Miller
    Email: lmiller8@sbcglobal.net
    Location: Gardena HS
  • Library Professionals
    Lisa Blackwell
    Email: nerabene@gmail.com

  • National Board Certified Teachers
    Scott Mandell
    Email: scottmandel@att.net
    Location: Pacoima Magnet
  • Options
    Anne Verrier Scatolini
    Email: avscatolini@gmail.com
    Location: Phoenix HS
  • PACE
    Marco Flores
    Email: m_a_flores@yahoo.com
    Location: Restorative Justice Advisor
  • Physical Education
    Maria Isabel Molina
    Email: mim9087@yahoo.com
    Location: King MS
  • Pre-Retirement Issues Committee
    Eric Young
    Email: eyoung59@gmail.com
    Location: Beaudry
  • Professional Rights & Responsibilities
    Chair: Brian Muller
    Email: drbrianmuller@gmail.com
    Location: Beaudry
  • Raza Ed 
    Chair: Ingrid Villeda
    Email: ivilleda@yahoo.com
    Location: 93rd Street ES
  • School/Community Relations
    Chair: Lorena T. Valenzuela 
    Email: lorenatv@aol.com
    Location: Judith Baca Arts Academy
  • Secondary 
    Chair: Diane Newell
    Email: dianenewell@aol.com
    Location: Sepulveda MS
  • Special Education
    Chair: Deborah Schneider
    Email: littlerascal18@yahoo.com
    Location: Arminta ES
  • Substitutes
    Chair: Francisco Martinez
    Email: fmartin6@yahoo.com
    Location: Evans CAS
  • Unjustly Housed Teachers Committee
    Chair: Virginia Lares-Jamieson
    Email: ginalares@gmail.com
  • Women's Education
    Chair: Laura McCutcheon
    Email: laurainla77@gmail.com
    Location: Jones ES