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Senders Communications Group is composed of smart, savvy and dedicated team members — the kind of people who thrive on challenges. Supplying clients with fresh vision, strategic planning and message development puts our clients ahead of the pack. When you choose to enlist Senders Communications Group, you get the whole team. All Senders Communications Group employees collaborate to find the best solutions to make your project a success. Bottom line, the talented and creative personalities of Senders Communications Group make things happen.

Cherri Senders | Director of Business Development
Office: 818.884.8966 Ext.1104  | Cell: 818.422.2787
21201 Victory Blvd. #235 Canoga Park, CA 91303



Leaderboard Banner Ad

Leaderboard Sample Ad
  • Size: 728x90* or 1456x180* (for full 2x retina)*in pixels
  • Format: static image ad accepts .jpg only
  • Ad Placement Location: entire website centered at top of website above blue bar


News Block Ad

News Block Sample Ad
(Sample Title)
MSMU offers comprehensive credentialed programs

(47 count with spaces)


(Sample Teaser Paragraph)

Our programs are dedicated to helping educators achieve their professional aspirations in instructional leadership, inclusive and responsive teaching or just earn an MS in an education individually designed program. Go to for more information.

(256 count with spaces)

  • Size: 1474x829* *in pixels
  • Format: static image ad accepts .jpg only
  • Ad Placement Location: 
    • Homepage (middle news block in 'What's Happening at UTLA' section, bottom row of site)
    • Subpages: all pages in right side bar middle news column
    • News Page: news landing page at (first row: 2nd position & second row: 6th position).
  • News Block Ads mimic native advertising and require a short title and teaser
    • Title headline length: between 40-58 character count (with spaces)
    • Teaser paragraph length: maximum 325 character count (with spaces)


Digital Advertising Rates

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