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Los Angeles is ground zero for a well-funded, coordinated national attack on public education. Our public schools are being defunded and dubbed failures by those charged with protecting them, whether it's Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos or  Austin Beutner and Nick Melvoin.


They cannot put "kids first" when they put public schools last. Similar to the leaked Eli Broad memo revealing the strategy to push 50% of LAUSD students into corporate charter schools. 

If their privatization agenda was written in one document, it would look like this:


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    False Choices, Hidden Agendas

    Unmasking the LAUSD's 'Hard Choices' ERS report

    On June 5, 2018, LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner released his report based on an analysis by ERS, a paid consulting firm he hired. The report uses flawed methodology and incorrect data to justify conclusions targeting educators and students, and claims educators are overpaid by 17% and healthcare costs 44% too much.



    Throughout the last year of bargaining with LAUSD, we have fought to create a better future for our students. Instead, LAUSD refuses to bargain issues that would give our schools a fighting chance. LAUSD has even rejected improvements with little or no costs, including those to address declining enrollment. It is clear this is a part of the privatization agenda to starve our schools, rather than reinvest in them.  We must ACT NOW.

    Here are some of our key issues LAUSD refuses to bargain in any meaningful way: 

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