Common Good and Community Support Demands

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At a time when tens of thousands of hotel workers and other low wage workers are being threatened with job loss, Donald Trump is promising to bailout Wall Street and multi-billion-dollar corporations. This is unacceptable. We call on the state and federal government to immediately release funds to support our vulnerable student and family populations. 

As the fifth largest economy in the world, and with a total reserve of almost $20 billion, California can afford to do the right thing and support our families.

We call on the city, county, and state to create a healthy, socio-economic safety net for our students, working families and communities, including these common good and community support demands:

  • Outline clear health and safety protocols for the home.
  • Provide 15 additional paid sick days a year to all workers in Los Angeles County, to align with quarantine period for COVID-19; additional paid time off for those who do not have sick days with their employers. 
  • A weekly disaster stipend for working parents to stay home with their children without losing pay.
  • Remove all economic barriers for COVID-19 testing and treatment, including eliminating all insurance co-payments and deductibles.
  • Create a network of food and supply distribution centers.
  • Free and reliable broadband internet access and access to electronic devices for students while at home.
  • Debt forgiveness, suspended rent and mortgage payments, suspended eviction court and utility shut-offs. 
  • No penalizing schools based on attendance or missed standardized assessments.
  • Provide safe shelter, healthcare services and support for all, including students, who are suffering from homelessness. 
  • Provide additional support and protection for our students with disabilities, especially our medically fragile students.