A large crowd of people dressed in red and holding picket signs gather at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles during the UTLA teachers' strike in January 2019.

Contract Enforcement

Our strike resulted in significant advancements on virtually all of our contract demands, forcing the district into a massive reallocation of funding toward the needs of our schools.  Some of those victories, like the 6% retroactive pay increase with no healthcare cuts, have already been implemented, while others will either be implemented in 2019-2020 or phased in over the next two school years.  Some of these victories will require the hiring of more staff, some will require school site administrators to more effectively allocate resources, and others will require both chapter level and district-wide monitoring of progress.  What is clear is that it will take all of us, as UTLA leaders, to hold the district accountable for fully implementing our contract.


Chapter Chairs, Chapter Action Teams, and parents will play critical roles in making sure our contract is implemented in every single worksite.  Each victory will require a different approach this year.  Support will be provided in upcoming area meetings; in new Chapter Chair trainings; by help from staff, officers, and BOD members; and through ongoing reports and an online form for Chapter Chairs that we are developing.


Update on implementation at the school and district level

Implementing Our Contract Victories

Know the maximums for this school year

Class Size Chart


District Contract Push Backs

School site budgeting: Cutting library aides to fund nurses

We have been hearing that the district has made funding cuts to library aides at some elementary schools and is forcing schools to pay for one day a week for nurses by coercing school sites to choose which positions they can afford to fund.

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LAUSD officials are attempting to pit us against each other, pointing to our contract as the reason for draconian cuts. We will never support any budget cuts that impact quality of instruction of support services for our students.