Our new three-year contract goes into effect July 1
  • Our strike and our unity on the picket lines resulted in tremendous contract and policy victories. Now we must enforce the new agreement and organize against any road blocks put up by the district.
  • UTLA officers and staff will be working with school sites to rigorously enforce the contract, which goes into effect July 1.  Just like with the strike, it will be up to all of us to act together to uphold our bargaining victories. Our strategic plan will prepare us to implement the new language and hold the district accountable for our hard-fought wins on class-size reduction; more nurses, librarians, and counselors; and all the other improvements.
  • Some of the strategies will include using the Contract Action Team structure for implementation and site-based organizing, holding webinars on specific contract provisions, conducting districtwide class-size surveys post-norm day, and forming educator-parent committees to organize, including collective actions, in support of the contract.


Here's an update on implementation and connected issues

PAY INCREASE: LAUSD’s stated plan is to pay the 6% increase and the retro payments on May 3.

CLASS SIZE: A specialized class-size reduction sheet has been created for every school that details what class sizes should be in the 2019-2020 school year. UTLA members should use this guide to organize and to hold principals accountable for the negotiated numbers.

NURSES, COUNSELORS, AND PSYCHOLOGISTS: We are pushing LAUSD for concrete info on its recruitment practices to ensure it will meet the first phase of hiring obligations.

TESTING: The testing task force will officially begin meeting with the district next school year, but an advisory group began meeting in March to solicit rank-and-file concerns and set priorities. The task force’s goal is to reduce assessments not mandated by the state or federal government by 50%.

MAGNET CONVERSIONS: We are working with schools currently in the magnet conversion process and  making sure our members’ voices are heard and that the language calling for a majority vote of staff is followed.

ETHNIC STUDIES: The LAUSD-UTLA Ethnic Studies Taskforce meets April 24 to start analyzing current Ethnic Studies offerings and resources and to investigate methods for expanding course offerings.

CO-LOCATION: We are working to ensure that the language creating a new UTLA co-location coordinator at every co-located school gets implemented correctly, including identifying individuals interested in the position and ensuring a member vote for the position.

SPECIAL EDUCATION & ITINERANTS: The Workload/Caseload Committee for Health and Human Services Itinerants and Special Education will start meeting with the district next school year. In response to changes to special ed delivery models that we are seeing across the district, we have submitted a demand to bargain because our new contract allows us to negotiate any such changes. Members who wish to help shape both the workload/caseload committee and the restructuring of delivery models are welcome to meet with the Special Education Committee before every House of Representatives meeting in the UTLA building starting at 4:30 p.m.

CHARTER ACCOUNTABILITY: Outside of our contract but absolutely linked to our strike, the state legislature is considering a package of bills on charter accountability and transparency.

GREEN SPACE: UTLA has met with nonprofit groups and individuals interested in creating a plan to remove bungalows and increase green space and to identify funds to implement it.

RANDOM SEARCHES: Many schools worked with parents and students to apply to end “random” searches on their campuses. The district is reviewing applications. The City of LA is prepared to work with schools in the pilot to provide resources.

PAY EQUITY TASK FORCE: The Pay Equity Task Force for Adult Ed, Early Childhood, and ROP CTE has been formed. LAUSD has yet to respond with available meeting dates.

ADULT ED: The taskforce’s first meeting is set for early April, following district delays in responding to multiple requests to meet and unilateral steps by LAUSD to avoid creating an Adult Ed matrix.

COMMUNITY SCHOOLS: UTLA’s appointees to the Community Schools Steering Committee (CSSC) include parents, students, teachers, former School Board member Steve Zimmer and USC Professor Sylvia Rousseau. One of the CSSC’s priorities is determining the process by which 30 schools in high-need areas can apply for Community Schools transformation. Reclaim Our Schools LA will be a critical partner on this committee.


District Contract Push Backs

School site budgeting: Cutting library aides to fund nurses

We have been hearing that the district has made funding cuts to library aides at some elementary schools and is forcing schools to pay for one day a week for nurses by coercing school sites to choose which positions they can afford to fund.

Download Letter Template

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3. Send to Supt. Austin Beutner

LAUSD officials are attempting to pit us against each other, pointing to our contract as the reason for draconian cuts. We will never support any budget cuts that impact quality of instruction of support services for our students.