FAQ for LAUSD parents

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LAUSD parents FAQ


Questions re: School Shutdown


Is there a place where parents can ask questions or voice their concerns about the school shutdown? 

Yes, call the LAUSD Hotline at (213) 443-1300 available Monday through Saturday, from 6 AM to 6 PM 



Continuous Learning For Your Child


How will schools keep my child learning?

LAUSD and your child’s teacher have arranged a variety of options, from online resources to take-home packets, to keep your child learning during the closure. There are also great online groups like Parents Supporting Teachers that are sharing resources as well as educational programs on PBS with additional online resources for parents.


How can I help my child to continue learning during this crisis? 

If possible, provide a quiet place for your child to study and work on whatever assignments the teacher provides. Stay calm and reassure your child this is a temporary situation. Encourage your child to follow a daily schedule to do his school work and to follow any instructions given by the teacher. These are some of the things you can do to help your child’s continuity of learning. 



Food Distribution Center


I’m an LAUSD parent who would like to use the drive-up food distribution centers. How do I do that?
The drive-up food distribution centers will be open beginning Wednesday, March 18, and will be open for pickups Monday through Friday from 7 am to 10 am. Each child can take home two meals. To find the closest distribution center, see the map and list of locations here.

Will I need to provide proof that I am an LAUSD parent?
No, you will not need to provide proof, and no one will be turned away.


Do I need to take my child to the food distribution center in order to pickup food? 

No, you do not need to take your child to the food distribution center to pickup the food. 


If I have more than one child in LAUSD schools will I be able to pickup food for all my children in one trip? 

Yes, when you drive through tell the attendant for how many children you are picking up food.


Do I need to register or fill out a form before I go to a food distribution center? 

No, you do not need to register or complete any paperwork to use the food distribution centers. 

Will there be childcare or learning sessions at the food distribution centers?
No, the centers are for food distribution only.


What is the plan to keep volunteers and families picking up food safe at the food distribution centers?
Safety is a top priority. Specific safety protocols,deep and constant cleaning protocols, and social distancing measures will be in place, including a plan for volunteers to place food for pick up on a table instead of handing items over directly. Families will then drive up to the table and pick up the items.


Learning Devices


My child did not bring home any device or resource from school to help him study. Will we be getting a device or resource from LAUSD? 

Yes, if your child did not take home a device from school, the district is making arrangements to have t/hem picked up soon.




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Friday, March 27

Watch Facebook Live: UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl gives an update on the current LAUSD school closure and addresses details on PD, online learning, student food banks, solidarity with workers and more. Click here or image below.


Tuesday, March 24

Watch Facebook Live: UTLA President Elect Cecily Myart-Cruz gives a message to the LAUSD community, including parents and students. Click here or image below.

Tuesday, March 24 

Uber to offer discounts for parents to pick up food at the LAUSD food centers. Read more here or click image.


Tuesday, March 24 - Dream Resource Center

Visit the Dream Resource Center for the latest information and resources on immigration and COVID-19. 

From the Dream Resource Center:

“Immigrant communities are being heavily impacted by this health crisis, so we have compiled a list of resources from organizations that will be of aid during this difficult time.”