Researching Charter School Accountability

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Released June 2018

“Whose Schools? Community Representation and Transparency in Charter School Governance in Los Angeles,” takes a look at the makeup of 224 charter governing boards within LAUSD boundaries and reviews the incidences of meaningful parent representation.

Cover from Whose Schools Report

The report makes a number of policy recommendations to enhance representation and strengthen the voice of parents and the community, including requiring charter governing boards to include parents of current students on the board, instituting a method to recall board members, and requiring board meetings to be scheduled so that they are accessible to parents.


Released May 2016

New independent report reveals a fiscal crisis that could have deep negative implications for both district schools and existing charter schools.

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A report by MGT of America, an independent research firm, reveals that LAUSD has lost an astonishing $591 million to unmitigated charter school growth this year alone. If costs associated with charter school expansion are not mitigated with common sense solutions, the district will face financial insolvency, according to an analysis of the report.

As the number of independent charter schools continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important for LAUSD to quantify, forecast, and manage the costs associated with independent charter expansion. LAUSD oversees more charter schools than any other district in the country. Charters are privately managed despite relying heavily on district and taxpayer funding.

Taken together, the findings in the report paint a picture of a system that prioritizes the growth opportunities for charter school operators over the educational opportunities for all students.