Prop. 39 & Co-Location

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Prop. 39 targeted schools

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A Parent's Voice: Kimberly Martinez shares concerns on the impact of shared space

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Is Your School a Target?

  • Classrooms at your school that do not have a register-carrying teacher is space that is considered “vacant” and available for co-location per Prop 39. 
  • Rule of thumb: If your school currently has four vacant classrooms, your site may be a target for charter co-location,  especially if you expect your enrollment to decrease next school year. 
  • Recommendation: Each chapter chair should ask your principal for a copy of the school’s E-CAR (Electronic Capacity Assessment Review), which is public information. 
  • The purpose of the E-CAR is to verify the number of classrooms at each school and how they are used, to calculate school operating capacities, and to identify available classrooms for future use. 
  • This report will let your school community know officially how many classrooms are available and vulnerable to possible charter school co-location.

Issues with Co-Location

Oftentimes the “unused” space offered to charter operators houses computer labs, parent centers, and after-school programs, or the spaces are unused bungalows, which could better be removed to restore playgrounds. 

Co-locations also can have an effect on school schedules and the unfettered use of facilities, such as the cafeteria, library, and other common spaces. 

Potential problems with safety arise when the co-located schools have a wide grade-level span, and surrounding schools can be affected when students are recruited to and/or counseled out of the charter school.

Resources & Support

If your school has been targeted before or you think it is a potential target, chapter chairs should contact your UTLA Area rep and look for announcements in the bimonthly UTLA News to Use email of upcoming informative meetings.

UTLA’s Prop. 39 Committee has put together a range of practical printable resources below. Over the past several years, many schools have had success in pushing back on co-location or addressing issues after co-location through parent & community educator organizing (see Media Coverage below).


Prop. 39 Timeline

  • November 1: Deadline for charter operators to submit written requests to co-locate on LAUSD school campuses.
  • December 1: District reviews charter operators’ ADA projections and agrees or objects and responds with projections the district considers reasonable.
  • January 2: Charter operators respond to district’s ADA projections.
  • February 1: District makes prelimi- nary proposals to charter operators with eligible facilities requests.
  • March 1: Charter operators respond to preliminary proposals.
  • April 1: District makes final offers to charter operators.
  • May 1: Charter operators must notify the district in writing to accept or decline the final offer by May 1 or 30 days from its receipt of final offer. If final offers are accepted, charter opera- tors occupy sites 10 working days prior to their first day of school instruction

Past Co-Location Media Coverage



Prop. 39 Co-Location Background

The intent of Proposition 39 was to ensure "that public school facilities should be shared fairly among all public school pupils, including those in charter schools." (Education Code Section 47614.)

Prop. 39 requires school districts to make "reasonably equivalent" facilities available to charter schools upon request. To make the most of Prop. 39, schools should be informed, be in compliance and be creative in their negotiations with their school districts.

In 2003, Prop. 39 imposed a mandatory duty on school districts to provide their charter school students facilities that are "reasonably equivalent" to those used by non-charter students within the district. The charter school facilities must be: 

  • Contiguous (located together, not spread across campus or multiple sites) 
  • Similarly furnished and equipped. 
  • Located near the area in which the charter wishes to locate


Co-Location Resources

Co-Location Questionnaire (Fillable PDF)
Please download first before filling out (updated 10-21-16)
Co-Location Letter of Intent to School Site
Bulletin 5532
Co-Location Implementation Regulation
Amends Ed Code Section 47614
Forming a Campus Co-Location Committee

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