Chapter Chairs

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Chapter Chairs, Co-Chairs and Vice Chairs are UTLA's official representatives at school sites and serve as a vital link between the school and the union. Besides keeping members apprised of union activities and policies, Chapter Chairs also defend members' professional rights and help resolve conflicts with administration.




Contract Action Team Members

A Contract Action Team (CAT) is an organizing committee made up of respected educators covering your entire school who take responsibility for communicating with a set group of members at the school to make sure that are they fully informed and engaged in the Union contract campaign. The Contract Action Teams will also help strengthen the union’s school site contract enforcement.

CAT Packet forms
  • CAT Mapping
    *Select an option(s), which suits your school site best. Print as many as needed of each.
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    Mapping Members by Lunch Break Shifts
    Mapping Members by Floor or Building



Chapter Talking Points

Current School Year 2018-19

For Chapter Chairs who are not receiving the email or faxed Chapter Talking Points to your school sites, you can now view them here through your browser.

NOTE: Please update your email if you are not receiving the CTP.

Chapter Talking Points


Area Meeting Materials

Area Meeting Fliers


Chapter Chair Election Forms

Chapter Chair elections must be conducted by the end of the school year, as this will impact your invitation to the Leadership Conference, July 24-26.

If there is only one candidate for chapter chair, and co-chair, no election is necessary. You can submit the Notice of Chapter Chair Election Form.

NOTE: A signature from the Election Committee Chair is still required in the absence of an actual election.

Return the Notice of Chapter Chair Election form 2019-20 to Princess Sykes via fax at 213.251.9891 or email at

2019-20 School Year


Special Category Elections

For citywide special category, substitutes and itinerant members

The member categories in bold can elect chapter chairs and vice chairs for each local district or sub group. If you have any questions contact Arlene Inouye, UTLA Secretary, 213.368.6218.

Return to Princess Sykes via fax at 213.251.9891 or email at


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Itinerant Assignments Declaration Form

Use this form when adding a member to your roster.


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