Chapter Chairs

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Chapter Chairs, Co-Chairs and Vice Chairs are UTLA's official representatives at school sites and serve as a vital link between the school and the union. Besides keeping members apprised of union activities and policies, Chapter Chairs also defend members' professional rights and help resolve conflicts with administration.





LA Students Deserve Healthy, Healing, Racially Just Schools

Including Special Categories


All UTLA members in good standing have the right to run for Chapter Chair!

UTLA Chapter Chairs will have a critical role in organizing to win our Beyond Recovery platform through the upcoming contract campaign.

UTLA members are strong and united because of the chapter leadership.  

The deadline for Chapter Chair self-nominations has passed (April 8). Congratulatory emails are being sent between April 18- 22nd to chapter chairs who are uncontested and self-nominated. They will be official when they submit the NOCCE (Notice of Chapter Chair Election) form and include up to 3 Vice Chairs for chapters with over 80 members, and 2 Vice Chairs for all other chapters. Please submit the NOCCE form to Princess Sykes

For contested Chapter Chairs (more than one self-nomination form submitted), an email will be received between April 18th-22nd to the current Chapter Chair. The email will include the UTLA Chapter Chair Election Rules and Duties for setting up a volunteer Election Committee, the timeline, survey monkey voting process, and the chapter list. Once an election is completed by May 6th, submit the information on the Chapter Chair and Vice Chairs on the NOCCE form and email to Princess at

Special Category Chapter Chairs will also receive a congratulatory email if uncontested and instructions if an election is needed.

For unfilled chapter chair positions, the first person to submit the NOCCE form after April 8, will be the chapter leader.

Notice of Chapter Chair Election form

Virtual Chapter Chair Election Rules for 2022

If you have any questions please contact UTLA Secretary Arlene Inouye,


CC Virtual Election Rules 2022-2023
UTLA Chapter Chair and Special Categories Election Timeline
SurveyMonkey Voting for Chapter Chairs-2022



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Bargaining Updates

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Chapter Leader Safety Enforcement Checklist


This document is intended to be a guide for what you should be checking at your school site daily.


UTLA Safety Violation Report


If your worksite is out of compliance, use the form below to document your reporting of the issue and take the following steps:

  1. Notify your administrator / principal.
  2. If not resolved, contact the district hotline at (213) 241-2700
  3. If not resolved, contact your UTLA Area Rep and begin organizing with your coworkers to
    take collective action at the school site in a socially distanced manner.


Specialized Services Safety Checklist


The safety provisions on the checklist below are specific for Specialized Services staff and are in addition to the general safety provisions that apply to all UTLA member assignments.


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Table of Contents


I.   Area Meeting Materials
II.   Bargaining Updates
III.   Chapter Chair Election Forms
IV.   Chapter Leader Safety Enforcement Checklist
V.   Chapter Talking Points
VI.   Contract Action Team Members
VIII.   Enforcing Our New Victories from Home
IV.   Itinerant Assignments Declaration Form
X.   Matrix and Coordinator/Dean elections
XI.   Request Business Cards
XII.   Request a UTLA Room
XIII.   UTLA Safety Violation Report.
XIV.   Specialized Services Safety Checklist


Matrix and Coordinator/Dean elections


We will be following the usual process for the matrix and coordinator/dean selection in Article XI-A, Section 6.1 of the UTLA-LAUSD Contract, but everything will be done virtually. This week, chapter leaders were sent a Matrix Checklist to ensure that all the procedures will be followed. 
For selecting full-time coordinators and/or dean positions, Survey Monkey can be used to elect or confirm staff for these positions. Most critically for the matrix, principals must share the matrix (via email) before teachers make their selection. The process for the selections can be done on a Zoom call with everyone (like our “all call”—the preferred method) or possibly as a conference call, which must include the administrator, chapter chair, and members called in seniority order. Members must be notified to be available at predetermined times for these matrix selection conference calls.


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Enforcing Our New Victories from Home


Our union has reached an agreement with LAUSD about how distance learning will take place during school closures and how our work will be impacted. This is a guide for chapter leaders and members to understand and enforce our new victories.


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Contract Action Team Members

A Contract Action Team (CAT) is an organizing committee made up of respected educators covering your entire school who take responsibility for communicating with a set group of members at the school to make sure that are they fully informed and engaged in the Union contract campaign. The Contract Action Teams will also help strengthen the union’s school site contract enforcement.

CAT Packet forms
  • CAT Mapping
    *Select an option(s), which suits your school site best. Print as many as needed of each.
    View All Mapping Forms

    Mapping Members by Lunch Break Shifts
    Mapping Members by Floor or Building
    Mapping Members by Department
    Mapping Members by Groups
    Mapping Members by Grade Level



Chapter Talking Points

Current School Year 2021-2022

For Chapter Chairs who are not receiving the email or faxed Chapter Talking Points to your school sites, you can now view them here through your browser.

NOTE: Please update your email if you are not receiving the CTP.

Chapter Talking Points


Area Meeting Materials

Area Meeting Fliers


Itinerant Assignments Declaration Form

This form is for itinerants and substitutes who wish to be listed on the school site roster instead of the itinerant roster at a school where they work more than 50% of the time.


For more information on updated rosters, email


Request Business Cards

Request UTLA Business Cards

For more information on business cards, email


Request a UTLA Room

Reserve a Room
For more information on room reservations for meetings, email