Member Discounts

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To sign-up for affiliate discounts, you need to register on the affiliate’s website.


- If you have any questions, contact NEA benefits at 800.637.4636


- If have any questions, contact AFT benefits at 800.238.1133
- FAQs about membership card and fulfillment program


UTLA Insurance Premiums:

UTLA endorses several Vendors that offer a variety of policies.  Policy information is personal between the member and the Insurance. UTLA is only responsible for collecting deductions and sending them to the Insurance authorized by the member.

The below “Approved Vendors” have been authorized by the Treasurer of UTLA.


UTLA – Insurance Premiums Deducted through Payroll:


Colonial Life & Accident Insurance

Benefits Provider (Disability, Cancer, Intensive Care, Hospital Income, Term Life, Universal Life)


2021 Voluntary Benefits Booklet 

Benefits App for iOS and Android

Policyholder Service Guide


Pacific Educators Insurance Services

Benefits Provider (Disability, Cancer, Term Life)



NTA (National Teachers Associates) Life Insurance Company

Benefits Provider (Heart, Stroke, Cancer)



Specialists in Long Term Care Insurance Services, Inc.

Benefits Provider (Long Term Care & Life Insurance)


The Open Enrollment period for a new UTLA member is 30 days from when joining UTLA to enroll on the Unum Group LTC plan WITHOUT going through medical underwriting.


All existing members of UTLA beyond the first 30 days, are eligible to apply for coverage at any time during the school year, HOWEVER, must complete a Health Questionnaire and go through Medical Underwriting.


The Standard Insurance Company

CTA Provided

Benefits Provider (Disability & Life Insurance)



Zahorik Insurance

Underwritten by LINA- Life Insurance Company of North America (Cigna Group Insurance)

Benefits Provider (Accidental Insurance)