New Dues Structure

The Build the Future, Fund the Fight initiative passed by the members in February 2016 authorized an increase in UTLA monthly dues along with a dual-merger with NEA and AFT affiliates. This means that members now have dual membership in both affiliates with dues deducted from those affiliates in addition to UTLA dues from each pay period. There is also a pass-through agreement, which if at any time the affiliates dues increase, those fees will be passed along to the member.

UTLA rates are still the lowest member dues among educator unions in California.


Union Dues Tax Deductions

The following are deductions for union dues that you might be qualified to make on your federal income tax return. These figures are meant as a guideline and may not reflect the actual deductions that were taken (for example, if you did not work the full year or you switched job classifications, these numbers may not reflect your deductions). Always consult your tax adviser before taking any of these deductions.

2017 Tax Year

Year Total Member Status


Full-time UTLA member and agency fee
$494.16 Part-time substitute member and agency fee
$836.76 Children’s center member and agency fee
$747.84 Full-time fair share
$373.92 Part-time substitute fair share
$633.12 Children’s center fair share
$247.08 Associate member



New Dues Structure

*Effective March 5, 2018

Member Status Current Rate  
Member, Full Time $84.52
Member, Part-time Sub $42.26
Member, Associate $21.13
Member, Children Center Full Time $71.90
Member, Children Center Part-Time Sub $42.26


Questions About Your Dues?

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