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Unite with the thousands who have already recommitted

Through the All In drive, members are recommitting to our union by signing a new membership card, and by joining PACE, our political action fund.

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Our union, our profession, is under threat

  • Underfunding of education – over 13 billion in funding cuts in the past two years
  • Attempted privatization of education – including charter school encroachment by way of school co-location, putting a drain on valuable resources
  • Devaluing of the teaching profession - teacher’s voice not respected through district-led decision making and required assessments, taking away valuable teaching time
  • Non-supportive learning environment – one clear example: California’s counselor to student ratio is 950 to 1. The American School Counselor Association’s recommended counselor to student ratio is 250 to 1
  • Low wages – educators deserve a salary that respects them as professionals


We fight together for

  • Achieving fair pay and protecting healthcare
  • Improving class sizes and social/emotional supports for students
  • Advancing Community Schools and other successful school models
  • Improving working conditions & learning conditions
  • Enhancing and defending professional rights
  • Organizing against privatization
  • Working for social justice


Take these three steps

Reconfirm your commitment to our union and the fight for public education

  1. Sign up and reaffirm your UTLA membership (fill in & sign section 1 of the application)
  2. Commit to pay dues through the payroll deduction, just like you are doing already (fill in & sign section 2 of the application)
  3. Voluntary contribute an additional amount to PACE, the union's political action fund. This fund is critical to our ability to defend our pay, our benefits, and our contract from even more attacks, especially this year when we have to stop privatizers (fill in & sign section 3 of the application)
Download, fill out, and send
Download, fill out, and send


Mail, Fax or Email your completed application

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Phone: 800.556.8852
Fax: 213.637.5161


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Attn: Membership Department
3303 Wilshire Blvd., 12th Floor
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