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Area Chair Runoff Elections

April 18, 2017

The results are pending challenges and must be certified by the UTLA Board to be official. The runoff elections for Area chairs in the South and Valley East Area Chairs were held Tuesday, April 18, 2017 and can be found here

Once all election cycles are complete, the new officers and Board of Directors members take office July 1, 2017, and will serve until June 30, 2020.


First Round Election Results

In this first round of voting, which ran from February 3 to February 27, 2017, UTLA members cast ballots for the seven citywide officer positions as well as for 38 seats on the UTLA Board of Directors.


  • Citywide Officer: candidate declared the winner in their respective category is listed first with votes and percentages. Candidates for officer positions must get more than 50% of the vote to avoid a runoff and be elected.
  • Board of Directors: No runoffs. Candidates for Board of Directors by Area, the top three NEA vote-getters are considered elected and the top one AFT candidate. 
  • BoD Special Category: candidate declared the winner in their respective category is listed. Candidates for BoD Special Category with the most votes wins.
  • Area Chairs: find runoff results here



Citywide Officers

Elected Winner

Alex Caputo-Pearl

Votes: 6,711

Percent: 82.31%


Other candidate

Lisa Karahalios

Votes: 1,442

Percent: 17.69%


NEA Vice President
elected Winner

Cecily Myart-Cruz

Votes: 6,051

Percent: 76.26%


Other candidate

Dr. Frances Copeland

Votes: 1,884

Percent: 23.74%


AFT Vice President
elected Winner

Juan Ramirez

Votes: 5,562

Percent: 69.80%


Other candidate

Linda Guthrie

Votes: 2,407

Percent: 30.20%


Elementary Vice President
elected Winner

Gloria Martinez

Votes: 4,784

Percent: 59.67%


Other candidate

Ingrid Villeda

Votes: 2,051

Percent: 25.58%


Other candidate

Robin Potash

Votes: 1,183

Percent: 14.75%


Secondary Vice President
elected Winner

Daniel Barnhart

Votes: 4,991

Percent: 62.08%


Other candidate

Colleen Schwab

Votes: 1,971

Percent: 24.52%


Other candidate

Cat Proctor

Votes: 1,077

Percent: 13.40%


elected Winner

Alex Orozco

Votes: 5,512

Percent: 68.85%


Other candidate

Gregg Solkovits

Votes: 2,494

Percent: 31.15%


elected Winner

Arlene Inouye

Votes: 5,739

Percent: 70.97%


Other candidate

Lorena t. Valenzuela

Votes: 1,817

Percent: 22.47%


Other candidate

Greg Russell

Votes: 531

Percent: 6.57%



Board of Directors by Area

There are no second round runoffs for BoD positions.

Board of Director positions are based on the three NEA candidates and the one AFT candidate with the most votes.

Elections for South and Valley East Area Chairs will go into the second round of voting and will be counted on April 18, 2017. Ballots must be the post office by 8 a.m., April 18, in order to be counted. Only these two areas will be voting. The deadline to call or submit the online Ballot Replacement Form was extended to 5 p.m., April 3.


Symbol Legend

#  indicates the candidate is elected and is unopposed.

* indicates the candidate is also running for Area Chairperson.


North Area
Uncontested Winners

Julie Van Winkle#

Karla Griego*#

Rebecca Solomon#


Uncontested Winner

Mark Ramos#


South Area
Runoff Area Chair 
April 18, 2017 Election Results

1. Maria Miranda*# - South Area Chair elected winner
Votes: 253

Percentage: 66.58%


2. Karen Ticer-Leon*# - South Area Chair runoff candidate

Votes: 127

Percentage: 33.42%


Ayde Bravo#


Uncontested Winner

L. Cynthia Matthews#


East Area
Uncontested Winners

Ingrid Gunnell#

Adrian Tamayo*#

Erica Huerta#

Uncontested Winner

Gillian Russom#


West Area

Uncontested Winners

Georgia Flowers-Lee#

Erika Jones*#

Noah Lippe-Klein#


Uncontested Winner

Jennifer Villaryo#


Central Area
Uncontested Winners

Kelly Flores#

Claudia Rodriguez#

Tomas Flores#


Uncontested Winner

Jose Lara*#


Valley East Area
Runoff Area Chair 
April 18, 2017 Election Results

1. Scott Mandel* - Valley East Area Chair elected winner

Votes: 518

Percent: 51.70%


2. Victoria Casas* - Valley East Area Chair runoff candidate

Votes: 484

Percent: 48.30%


Hector Perez-Roman

Votes: 596

Percent: 25.44%


Other candidate

Leonard Goldberg

Votes: 369

Percentage: 15.75%


Uncontested Winner

Mel House#


Valley West Area
Elected Winners

Wendi Davis

Votes: 761

Percent: 30.99%


Bruce Newborn*

Votes: 732

Percent: 29.80%


Melodie Bitter

Votes: 682

Percent: 27.77%


Other candidate

Hal Wolkowitz

Votes: 281

Percentage: 11.44%


uncontested Winner

Javier Romo#


Harbor Area
uncontested Winners

Jennifer McAfee#

Elgin Scott#

Karen Macias-Lutz#


elected Winner

Steve Seal*

Votes: 618

Percent: 79.23%


Other candidate

Jennie Duggan*

Votes: 110

Percentage: 14.10%


Other candidate

Philip H. Gross, MBA

Votes: 52

Percentage: 6.67%



Board of Directors Special Category


Uncontested Winner

Matthew Kogan#


Uncontested Winner

Cheryl Ortega#


Uncontested Winner

Corina Gomez#



Elected Winner

Mallorie Evans

Votes: 267

Percent: 52.77%


Other candidate

Linda Shields

Votes: 84

Percentage: 16.60%


Other candidate

Ginger Rose Fox

Votes: 83

Percentage: 16.40%


Other candidate

Norlon Davis

Votes: 72

Percentage: 14.23%


Uncontested Winner

Lucia Arias#



Elected Winner

Benny Madera

Votes: 192

Percent: 56.64%


Other candidate

Francisco Martinez

Votes: 147

Percentage: 43.36%



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All election material is the sole responsibility of the Elections Committee, which enforces election rules passed by the UTLA Board of Directors and is not the role of UTLA staff.