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Area Chair Runoff Election Results

The results were counted on April 18, 2017 by the UTLA Elections Committee. These election results are the second round of voting for Area Chairs in the South and Valley East UTLA areas.

The results are pending challenges and must be certified by the UTLA Board to be official.


Runoff Candidates

South Area
Runoff Area Chair Election Results

Maria Miranda*# - Elected winner
Votes: 253

Percentage: 66.58%


Karen Ticer-Leon*#

Votes: 127

Percentage: 33.42%


Valley East Area
Runoff Area Chair Election Results

Scott Mandel* - Elected winner

Votes: 518

Percent: 51.70%


Victoria Casas* 

Votes: 484

Percent: 48.30%


Symbol Legend

#  indicates the candidate is elected and is unopposed.

* indicates the candidate is also running for Area Chairperson.


Contact the Elections Committee

All election inquiries should be emailed to utlaelections@utla.net. These emails are not handled by the webmaster.

All election material is the sole responsibility of the Elections Committee, which enforces election rules passed by the UTLA Board of Directors and is not the role of UTLA staff.