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Feb. 27, 2017


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UTLA Election Rules Correction 

In early 2017, UTLA members will be electing the UTLA citywide officers and members of the UTLA Board of Directors. There is an important correction to the election rules as printed in the Oct. 21, 2016, UNITED TEACHER and posted online. The Election Committee has conferred with legal counsel and determined that the petition requirement for candidates conflicts with the UTLA Constitution. Candidates will not be required to submit petitions with their declaration of candidacy form to be eligible to run for office.


Deadline to file has passed

Declaration of Candidacy forms were due at the UTLA building on Dec. 5th by 5 p.m. along with the Preliminary Financial Disclosure Report.

A new election cycle began with the September 16th, 2016 announcement and timeline published in the United Teacher, which was followed by the publication on October 21st, 2016 that included the below forms and the election rules changes. 


United Teacher Special Election Issue

January 2017

2017 Special Election Issue United Teacher
View/Print/Save PDF (Jan. 20, 2017)

Official Candidate List for UTLA Officer Positions (in ballot order)


Click on candidate name below to view candidate flyer, video, statement and photo (only those who submitted these files can be viewed.) *NOTE: only Officer candidate positions include video.


Updated Jan. 19, 2017


Lisa Karahalios

Alex Caputo-Pearl


Cecily Myart-Cruz

Dr. Frances Copeland



Linda Guthrie

Juan Ramirez



Ingrid Villeda

Gloria Martinez

Robin Potash


Cat Proctor

Colleen Schwab

Daniel Barnhart



Alex Orozco

Gregg Solkovits



Lorena t. Valenzuela

Arlene Inouye

Greg Russell

United Teacher Publications

  • Click here to view past United Teacher issues
  • View or download 2014 Special Election Edition
2014 United Teacher Special Election Issue
From 2014 UTLA Elections, Published Feb. 14, 2014 (8MB PDF file)

Summary of Changes to Elections 

Revisions to the election manual were approved by the UTLA Board of Directors in June 2016.

  • Mailing of flyers: Candidate flyers will be posted on our website instead of being mailed to members' homes. Members will continue to receive the United Teacher special election issue with candidate statements and photos.
  • Changes due to merger: Because of the Build the Future, Fund the Fight campaignand the changes approved by UTLA members, all UTLA members now belong to both of our national affiliates, the NEA and the AFT, and will be eligible to vote for all Board member positions for their area and for all officer positions (previously, members could only vote in races connected with their affiliation; for example, an NEA member could not cast a ballot in the AFT vice presidential race). The affiliation distinction is still in place for candidates, however, candidates must have been a member of the affiliation for which they seek office for at least 12 months preceding the deadline for filing the intent to run form. 
  • Challenges: Only candidates can file challenges to elections and only for the office for which they are running.


Candidate FAQs

Common Questions & Answers for Candidates
View or download PDF (updated 11-29-16)

List of Official Candidates for Office

Official List of UTLA Election Candidates
Includes Citywide & Board Seats (updated Jan. 17, 2017)

Final Candidate Financial Disclosure Form 

Final Candidate Financial Disclosure Form
Final report due on Feb. 27, 2017 by 5 pm

Citywide Officer Statement & Photo Template

Officer Candidate Statement Photo Template
Use for statement & photo to be posted online & in the UT

Candidate Guidelines for Statement & Photo

Candidate Guidelines for Statement & Photo
For Citywide Officers & the Board of Director Elections

Political Election Committee Registration Form

Political Committee Registration form


Updated 2016-17 Election Manual

Updated. Corrects Petition Requirement

Election Timeline

Approved by the UTLA BoD on June 1, 2016

UTLA Constitution & Bylaws

ARTICLE III – Officers

Section 4 - Elections:

a. The officers shall be elected by the UTLA members by secret ballot. Elections shall be held every three (3) years in the spring semester of each third year of the term of office. Time and procedures of the election which are not otherwise specified in these Bylaws shall be determined by the Board of Directors. (amended February 13, 1974, April 27, 1983,and March 23, 1994)

b. An election committee of at least five (5) shall be elected by the House of Representatives to staggered terms of 2 and 3 year duration at a meeting no later than two (2) months prior to the election to run and officiate the election. The committee's duties shall include the handling of nomination procedures and authentication of petitions, the preparation, distribution, collection, and tabulation of ballots. (Items in italics amended January 23, 2002 HOR)

c. All candidates for UTLA offices shall be nominated by presentation of a signed statement declaring their intention to run. This will be the only means of nominating a candidate. (amended June 2, 1976)

For more information on qualifications, see the UTLA Constitution & Bylaws.


Contact Election Committee

All election inquiries should be emailed to utlaelections@utla.net. These emails are not handled by the webmaster.

All election material is the sole responsibility of the Elections Committee, which enforces election rules passed by the UTLA Board of Directors and is not the role of UTLA staff.