UTLA Strategic Plan

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2017-18 Roadmap

The Schools L.A. Students Deserve campaign is the vehicle used to make our schools great places to educate, work and learn again by:

  • Achieving pay increases
  • Protecting health benefits
  • Improving class sizes and social/emotional support
  • Advancing successful school models
  • Improving working conditions & learning conditions
  • Professional rights
  • Organizing against privatization
  • Working for social justice



Develop a broad union and community campaign, with an early 2018 compression point. We are fighting because we need to: 

  • Support our students: Safe, high-quality public schools are a right for all.
  • Empower our communities: Public schools are the anchors of the community.
  • Defend the teaching profession: Educators are everyday heroes; we must protect against attacks.
  • Fund the future: California ranks 46th in education funding yet is the richest state in the nation. In the 6th largest economy in the world, and in the 2nd largest district in the country, the money is here for the schools our students deserve.


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The union & community campaign includes:

  1. Organizing to force LAUSD to enforce the contract at sites, respecting member and student rights.
  2. Making every effort to bargain good agreements on our contract and health benefits at the table.
  3. Building a campaign of escalating actions inside and outside of our worksites, including member education, buttons, sticker-ups, Red Tuesdays, school site pickets, community forums, regional rallies, union- wide signature pieces, faculty meeting boycotts, actions at bargaining, citywide actions, a coordinated media campaign, and, in the event that bargaining at the table does not lead to agreements, a real and credible strike threat with demonstrated parent and community support.
  4. Organizing to:
  • Challenge the billionaire narrative by establishing that under-funding, privatization, and inequality are conditions that hurt our students. 
  • Force LAUSD to set its budget and policy priorities based on student and educator needs.
  • Increase per pupil funding from barely $11, 000 per pupil per year to $20,000 by the year 2020 through tax policy and other mechanisms requiring the ultra-rich to pay their fair share.  


Integrated into all work includes objectives & tactics in these strategic areas:

Collective Bargaining:


  1. Achieve a new UTLA/LAUSD CBA and health benefits agreement for 2017-2020 by March 2018.
  2. Enforce the LAUSD contract, and create and enforce standards in contracts at UTLA-represented charters.


Internal Organizing & Representation: 


Build efficient site structures and concrete assessments of our ability to fight in each site. Tactics include:  School site mapping to create Contract Action Teams, support and trainings for CATs, and trainings and supports for contract enforcement, grievances, representation and addressing school site issues. 


External Organizing, Political Action & Communications: 


Organize with parents, youth, community, unions, charter educators and elected officials in support of investment in the classroom and against unregulated charter growth and privatization. Tactics include:  Building the Reclaim Our Schools LA coalition, statewide and national coalitions; strengthening the movement for Community Schools; organizing with parents and community; fighting co-locations; working with allies on community demands crucial to student well-being; building our political infrastructure; sending delegations to elected officials; taking action to pressure elected officials; and continuing to build our paid and earned public media.