President's Perspective
Downsize or Reinvest?

What is the answer to downsizing our public schools? Reinvesting. Reinvesting by recruiting and retaining educators with a fair pay increase, stopping the increases in class sizes, pushing for more per-pupil funding, giving educators a say in what tests are administered, placing commonsense regulation on charter growth alongside reasonable accountabilities on charters, and advocating for Community Schools. Read on for more information.

Press Release
UTLA statement on LAUSD’s $1.86 billion in reserves

Today, LAUSD will present its Unaudited Actuals Report. The report shows that LAUSD’s unrestricted ending balance (“reserves”) is now at $1.863 billion for the end of the 2017-18 school year—even larger than its previous estimates of $1.7 billion.

UTLA members vote overwhelmingly to authorize strike

“Our members have spoken, with one big, united voice,” said Arlene Inoyue, chair of the UTLA Bargaining Team.“ In a significant show of strength and unity, 98% of UTLA members voting said yes to authorize a strike, should one become necessary. During the week-long vote at school-sites, 81% of members cast ballots.

Press Release
UTLA Files ULP Charge Against LAUSD

Today, UTLA filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge against LAUSD for unlawful interference with the union’s strike authorization vote and for failure to provide key public information and financial documents as they relate to bargaining.

UTLA kicks off strike authorization vote

UTLA members kicked off our strike authorization vote today, casting ballots to send a message to LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner. With Beutner stalling on mediation, UTLA members are demanding that LAUSD come back to the table and offer a fair agreement—or watch educators hit the picket lines.

With contract talks at impasse, we build toward strike vote

The district has chosen a path of austerity and cuts, and we are fighting to reinvest in and save public education. As we head into mediation, we will continue working for an agreement with LAUSD while we build toward strike readiness and our critical all-member strike authorization vote from August 23 to 30. 

Press Release
UTLA demands LAUSD accept mediation dates immediately

UTLA continues our demand that LAUSD stop stalling and agree to start the mediation process immediately. UTLA has made it clear that we’re ready and willing to meet for mediation on August 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30, & 31.

UTLA Statement in Support of Jackie Goldberg for BD5

UTLA strongly supports Scott Schmerelson’s motion, to be heard at the Aug. 21 LAUSD Board of Education meeting, calling for Board approval of Jackie Goldberg as the interim appointment for the vacated Board District 5 seat.