Progress in bargaining: LAUSD drops requirement to teach virtually from the classroom

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The UTLA Bargaining Team met with LAUSD again today and reports significant progress. The two sides have agreed to:

  • drop LAUSD's proposal requiring our members to teach virtually from the classroom 
  • accept UTLA’s proposal that there be no evaluation of permanent teachers in 2020-21
  • accept UTLA’s conceptual proposal for a “Smart Start” of the school year.

“By focusing on social-emotional learning, walk-through sessions on technology, and parent outreach, the Smart Start to the school year recognizes this unprecedented moment and lays the groundwork for stronger crisis remote learning,” UTLA Bargaining Co-Chair Arlene Inouye said. “We are gratified that the district abandoned its risky proposal to require all educators to teach from school sites. This will help protect the health and safety of our members, especially those with health conditions or at-risk family members at home.”

We still have many outstanding issues to bargain, including the length of the work day, the structure of the work day, and UTLA’s proposal for a weekly Student Support Day. For context, here are instructional schedules proposed by UTLA and instructional schedules proposed by LAUSD this week.

Also to be discussed further is the option for members to teach from their own classrooms on a voluntary basis. As the pandemic continues to worsen, UTLA has serious concerns about the health and safety of our members. The district has yet to provide clear safety protocols or evidence that it has secured the testing and Personal Protective Equipment necessary for staff to work from school sites, among other issues.

Our Bargaining Team is working hard to reach an agreement and will be back at the table tomorrow. When we reach an agreement with the district, it will be put to a vote of the membership.

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