300—yes, 300!—LA unions sanction possible UTLA strike

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300—yes, 300!—LA unions sanction possible UTLA strike

In a unanimous vote yesterday, leaders representing more than 300 unions affiliated with the LA County Federation of Labor pledged to stand with educators and support our strike, if we need to walk to win a good contract. 

“Nurses get the same message as teachers when they demand better conditions—they tell us our work is too important to let us strike,” said Jazmin Ochoa of the California Nurses Association. “If our work is so important, it's time to treat us with the respect we deserve before it comes to a strike. And if they let it get this far, know this: we stand with our sisters and brothers.”

The strike sanction means that sister unions representing 800,000 union members—nurses, car wash workers, homecare workers, janitors, construction workers, entertainment workers, county employees, and more—would support our potential strike. Many of the workers are parents of our students, and they endorse our fight for lower class size and more nurses, counselors, psychologists, and librarians.

“Last year, my daughter fell and cut herself on a day there was no nurse on campus,” said Sonny Martinez, an LAUSD parent. “We had to come to the school to take her to urgent care. Parents can't tell our kids, ‘Only get hurt on Tuesdays and Thursdays.’ Is it so much to ask that we be able to drop our kids off at school and know there will be a qualified adult around if they fall on the playground?”