Press Release
UTLA Demands Ref Rodriguez Recuse Himself from Charter Vote

On Monday, Nov. 6, the law firm for United Teachers Los Angeles sent a letter to LAUSD School Board Member Ref Rodriguez demanding he recuse himself from voting to uphold or deny charter petitions on Tuesday, Nov. 7., citing criminal pending charges.

'Random' searches criminalize students and don’t make schools safer

Dozens of times a day, school deans and security walk into LAUSD classrooms and pick out five students to conduct a “random” search. This Op-Ed written by student Grace Hamilton of Marshall High School, which was rejected by the LA Times, offers rare insight from a young perspective.

The ‘billionaire bloc’ coming after our healthcare

This week, the “billionaire bloc” on the LAUSD School Board expressed hostility several times toward UTLA’s bargaining proposals and dismissed our bold platform to save public education in LA as “magical thinking.”

Oct. 11 Picket4Power

On Wednesday morning, before the first bell, hundreds of members picketed outside theirs schools sites, not only at Miguel Contreras HS but all across the district as healthcare negotiations with LAUSD intensify and word of potential benefit cuts spread.

President's Perspective
Our healthcare, our students, our schools, our future

We live in trying times. We have witnessed tremendous natural disasters, surely exacerbated by global warming, and incredible human violence, which tears at our souls. With each passing day, the importance of schools is reemphasized, the importance of engaging young people and helping to instill confidence in navigating a complicated world.

Media Coverage
Bargaining for the Common Good: Alex Caputo-Pearl

In this week’s Just Talk, John Rogers sits down with Alex Caputo-Pearl, president of the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA). For more than two decades, Alex has taught in Los Angeles elementary schools and high schools.

Big Red Tuesday shows solidarity across social media

Seeing red across LAUSD, our unity will bring us the win for our schools and our students. We are fighting for our healthcare, fair salaries, 20by20 ($20k per pupil funding by 2020) and the common good.

Tuesday: board members to elect new president

Ref, as he faces felony charges and more than two dozen criminal counts, should recuse himself altogether and not be allowed to vote for his replacement, the next president of the school board. We reiterate a call for his resignation as we fight back healthcare cuts and fight for the Schools LA Students Deserve.