BREAKING NEWS: Beutner Offers Insulting Bargaining Proposal

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BREAKING NEWS: Beutner Offers Insulting Bargaining Proposal

 BREAKING NEWS: Beutner Offers Insulting Bargaining Proposal

After refusing to negotiate for 56 days and two days before mediation, Supt. Austin Beutner today announced a bargaining proposal through the LA Times before giving it to UTLA and the 33,000 educators we represent.

In a stunning example of disrespect to LAUSD educators and students, his so-called proposal offers a 3 percent salary increase with another 3 percent contingent on district finances, increased workload and cuts to salary point opportunities, while also making it more difficult to qualify for secure healthcare in retirement. The proposal on class size is unacceptable, and makes no improvements for 90% of our schools. He made no movement on Section 1.5, which allows the district to increase class size at anytime, rendering his proposal useless.

DOWNLOAD: Beutner’s Proposal

“Beutner’s proposal does nothing to make our schools better. This is an insult to our members, to our students and to our parents,” said Arlene Inouye, Chair of the Bargaining Team. “This stunt reveals he is more interested in fighting against educators at any cost than saving our school district.”

This proposal was sent to the LA Times and various special interest blogs like Speak Up before it was sent to the UTLA bargaining team.

Beutner continues to refuse to use the $1.86 billion in reserves. His proposal does not provide relief from toxic over-testing, does nothing to address the undermining of our schools by privatization and makes no investment in community schools, counselors, nurses, or other critical staff. It does nothing to reinvest in special education, early education, adult and bilingual education.

“Our 98% strike vote and our growing parent and community support are a powerful affirmation of our bargaining proposals, which call for a better future in LAUSD. Our vote is also an indictment of Beutner, an out-of-touch millionaire whose grand plan is to starve our schools of resources rather than reinvest in them,” said UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl. "Beutner’s proposal attempts to buy us off with a modest salary increase. But we can see through it. This is the beginning of the war on healthcare and an acceleration of a downsizing that will drive students and families away rather than attract them to the district."