Dr. Sylvia Rousseau: Vote yes on measure EE on June 4

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Vote Yes on Measure EE on June 4!










As a 45-year educator serving in various capacities, including classroom teacher, principal, superintendent and finally, college professor, I call upon the public to vote  in favor of Proposition EE.  It is a small price to pay to maintain a democratic society in which every child has equal rights, including the right to a “free and appropriate” public education. 

From a strictly practical perspective, withholding adequate support to educate the young of our society is both shortsighted and illogical.   Educated youth grow up to provide an ever-renewing supply of creative and knowledgeable employees capable of  sustaining the nation’s  institutions and businesses.  The purchasing power of an educated work force generates the marketplace revenue needed to sustain a viable economy and contribute to the wellbeing of our society,

From a broader and moral perspective, continuing to educate only some of our nation’s youth while denying others their rights is a violation of our shared humanity. No nation can afford to send forth large numbers of its youth ill-equipped to participate in and contribute to a thriving democracy.  No nation can afford to educate only some of its citizens. 

History has taught us that we pay now or we pay later, and it is a poor commentary on a society that is more willing to pay to incarcerate a child and, in the process, ruin a life than to pay up front by educating a child to enhance her or his own life while contributing to the common good of our society.