Have a great summer!

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Have a great summer! Congratulations on another academic year. The UTLA board of directors in salute.

Congratulations on another academic year doing some of the most important work in the world: educating our students.

As we head into the summer, take a moment to recognize the historic year we had together: 

  • We led an inspiring six-day strike that put sixty thousand people in the streets and that resulted in wins for ourselves and our students.
  • We elected a true leader, Jackie Goldberg, to the school board in a landslide vote that fundamentally shifted board politics.
  • We fought a righteous battle for Measure EE that broadened our coalition for taxing wealthy corporations to fund public education.

Measure EE concretely challenged being 44th out of the 50 states in funding, and educated the public even more on the issue. There is no doubt that it was a tough loss that deserves deep reflection and learning, but just like when you have a bad day at school, you pick yourself up and move forward. There is no other option. 

Now we prepare for what’s coming next year: 

  • organizing at school sites with parents to make sure our new contract is implemented
  • doubling down on the fight for more funding through the Schools and Communities First Measure in November 2020 to close the corporate loophole in Prop 13
  • growing our political power with the community in preparation for major school board elections in 2020 and beyond

On behalf of all the UTLA officers, thank you for your work every single day with the students of Los Angeles. You have created a movement for public education that California had never seen before,  one that is profoundly reverberating across the country. You did that. We did that together. Get some rest and relaxation this summer. You deserve it. Congratulations again!

Your UTLA Officers,

Alex, Cecily, Juan, Gloria, Daniel, Alex O., and Arlene