Help needed at Resource Centers

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Last Thursday, we called for the closure of all schools because of the need to proactively begin social distancing across the city. Our union took leadership and we were successful — with ripple effects across the country. As of now, no UTLA member is reporting to their regular work sites or school sites at least over the next two weeks.  

However, we knew when we made this call, and we see now, that there will still be a necessity to work with some students during this time: homeless students, the children of low-wage workers who fear being fired, the children of first-responders, foster children, and more. This happens when our society lacks the social safety nets we need. Over 85% of our students are low-income.  

To this end, on Wednesday, LAUSD is opening 40 Family Resource Centers to serve students of families in need of support. If you are not part of the at-risk population for COVID-19, we encourage you to volunteer for this critical work, especially nurses, HHS staff, classroom teachers, and substitute teachers. Your caring expertise can help us as a community get through this crisis.

Through many discussions with the district, we have ensured that healthy and safe practices will be 100% emphasized at these Resource Centers — staying consistent with social distancing by only having small groups of students together in large spaces (without guidance, unsupervised children may not socially distance enough), deep and regular cleaning of everything, temperature screenings, security, etc.

By participating at these Resource Centers, we can make sure we are fulfilling different strands of social need all at once – not having regular school in session so that we can all socially distance, while at the same time meeting the daily needs of those smaller groups of children in crisis, under safety precautions. 

Those who sign up to work at these centers will receive a $100 stipend for each six-hour shift, from 6:30 AM - 12:30 PM and 12:30 PM-6:30 PM. This stipend will be in addition to your regular pay, which will continue. Training for staff at the Resource Centers is scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, where the same stipend will be provided.

Again, as of now, no UTLA member is reporting to their regular work sites or school sites for at least the next two weeks – but, if you are healthy, we urge that you consider shifts at a Resource Center to meet other strands of need during this unprecedented time.

To sign up: Click here for LAUSD Resource Center locations and sign-up form. See the FAQ section below for more information.